Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tarun Tahiliani and the Singh Twins - India Fashion Week 2014

A perfect combination - Tarun Tahiliani and artists, the Singh twins 

 October  2014 Wills India Fashion Week 

Indian Fashion Designer Tarun Tahiliani designs have been inspired 
by the beautiful art work of the Singh twins for his most recent show, and we love it!

The fabrics, the stage, the set and all!
It's colourful and filled with to the brim with the energy of life!  

The backdrop of the stage has tall banners showcasing the collage style paintings of the Singh twins. The catwalk is painted a bright pink and is trimmed with painted flowers... fabulous styling!

The wonderful mix of colours combined with details of the Singh sister's paintings all bound together in one garment… is a joy to see!

Styling Heaven… Enjoy

Tarun Tahilliani with Amrit and Rabindra Singh - 2014 India Fashion Week