Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Charlotte Cory - Creative and Gorgeous Portraits - and Five Things That make me Crazy!

Hi everyone,  Isn't this work of Charlotte Cory wonderful? 
It is such a joy to look at.  I have picked just a few of my favourites from her
website, there are many more clever, creative and gorgeous photographs to see
on her site.  

Click the little girl in the blue dress below to visit.

Today I have been invited to write a post on 
five things that make me crazy!  Well, I think I have got to
a stage in my life where I try not to let things bother me
too much. But, there are days when certain things 
really do upset me and make me crazy.  Here we go... my quick list!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

1. Insensitive and inconsiderate people ... 
Those that only think about their own needs! 

2. Rudeness ...  and not saying thank you, what more can I say!

  3. Selfishness ... Give what you can, when you can,
even if it is just a smile or have a quick chat with someone
 that may not have anyone in their lives to talk to.

4. Taking what is not yours.  
Copying peoples ideas and stealing someone else's possessions.  

5. Gossiping... and spreading rumours...  oh wow... how I hate gossip.


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