Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter from Styling Magazine

Hi Everyone, I'm sorry that I have missed nearly three weeks of blog and Facebook postings or attending any of my favourite blog parties. 

At the beginning of this month,  Andrew and I were out one night at a lovely party and I suddenly felt unwell with pain building up behind my eye. Over the next two days I was in incredible pain, my face started to swell and I couldn't open my left eye. I had an infection that was heading very quickly up towards my brain. I ended up in hospital, had X-rays taken, I was given strong pain relief and then I had an operation the following afternoon to reduce the swelling.  It's a long story, I won't go into it now, except to say, that I was very lucky ... very lucky indeed!  After a stay in hospital with the support of some amazing doctors and nurses and then a week long rest at home with my loving family, I am now feeling great and glad to say that I have recovered well... and I'm ready to get back in to the swing of things again. 

Styling magazine - Australia - Pansies

 I want to wish you all a wonderful and safe Easter... I hope you're having a glorious time. I have just finished mowing the lawn...yes...the garden lawn, we have had so much rain over the last month that our grass is growing so fast. We have had  a gorgeous Autumn day here in the Southern Highlands, with some of my family visiting, there has been lots of fun cooking happening in our kitchen with chocolate bunnies, eggs and delicious treats everywhere.

Styling magazine - Australia - Pansies

The next issue of Styling Magazine will be on-line on the 12th May. We will be sharing a beautiful and exotic home of an artist who has travelled far and wide across the globe in search of rare and wonderful textiles and treasures.  We also have pages filled with the work of stylists and clever and creative people, shopping pages and more.  
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Whilst I have been resting at home, I have had plenty of time to think about all the delicious things to show case in our future issues and I have had the chance to do lots of planning and research on my laptop.  It’s funny, as much as I don’t wish anyone to be unwell... ever,  it does change your outlook on things and life, I guess it is the universe’s way of slowing us/me down a little as well.   

Styling magazine - Australia - Pansies

xx Happy Easter Everyone, xx Coty

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