Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Why is there only one Valentine's day a year to celebrate love?

Love - the purest and most healing energy there is.

  We here at Styling magazine think there should be
  a little bit of this beautiful and loving energy in our lives each and everyday.

Fresh flowers are so beautiful to receive and there is nothing more
wonderful to see than a young man carrying a bouquet of beautifully 
wrapped flowers down a busy street. 
I have an old friend, who each year on Valentine's day 
sends a bouquet to his wife and all of his four daughters.

 Seeing a romantic little cupid, cherub or putti on a table
filled with flowers from the garden is a soft and gentle reminder of love.
Hand made porcelain flowers,  fine silk roses
or a still life painting are wonderful loving gifts that are be treasured forever.

 Give something this week to all those you love from your heart.
Even it is just a hug.

  And, of course... champagne, yes, a glass or two is important on Valentine's day,
but, we think there should always be a bottle of bubbles
 chilled for every other day of the year.

Happy Valentine's day!


 All the images above are from Styling Magazine 2013.

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