Thursday, February 6, 2014


I absolutely love these gorgeous styled shots from Dolce & Gabbana. 
  I am the second eldest of six children... with three younger brothers and two sisters and lots of cousins. Our grandparents lived with us and I remember well there being lots of babies in nappies,
 especially on hot summer's day!

 These images bring back such happy memories for me...
What do you think? Was your family like this?
Fabulous Styling... fabulous shots


  1. Dear Coty, you have no idea how heartwarming and wonderful seeing this a first generation Italian, coming from Italy to Canada at the age of two, this reminds me of all the Sunday gatherings at one of my cousins, aunts or uncles homes that I experienced while growing up! It could be our family! What an ingenious and absolutely very special ad campaign! I shall forward this to all my family..hugs and love to you, N.xo

  2. These pictures are out of this world beautiful!!!! Makes me want to move to the Italian countryside, have 10 babies and eat pasta all day long (oh and drink wine too)!! BEAUTIFUL.

  3. VIVA ITALIA!! Gorgeous!! franki


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