Monday, February 24, 2014

Be dazzled, be different... be creative.

Can you feel the changes in the air? The sweet smell of Spring for many of you
and the cool breeze of Autumn for us here in Australia. New seasons are on their way.

The light is changing, it's softer and there is a sparkle...a dazzle in the sunsets... have you noticed?

We have had a really busy couple of weeks here in the
studio. I have been changing things around, clearing out the old and unwanted 
  and making space for fresh new creative inspiration to come through our doors. 
It is exhausting work, but very rewarding when you make good changes in your life!

We had a fabulous weekend here, we had a clearance sale
at our studio in the Southern Highlands and hundreds of people came early
 on Saturday morning to search for a treasure or two.

By 4pm on Sunday afternoon, we decided to give away everything in the sale
 that hadn't sold.
Wow... it felt so good! 

I met so many lovely creative people... and almost everyone I spoke to was artistic in some way. 

I have been invited to visit their studios and I so look forward to sharing their 
 creative lives with you in Styling magazine. 
Our next issue will be on-line on the 12th March 
(A new issue every two months)

Have a great week everyone...
A little inspiration for the week ahead via my Jewellery Pinterest boards.