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Styling Magazine - The House of Guerlain - 160th Anniversary of the 'Bee' Bottle - The Artists - The celebration continues...

 In our December issue of Styling magazine we featured a fourteen page story 
on the 160th Anniversary of the iconic 'Bee' bottle by Guerlain. To celebrate the anniversary  
Guerlain organized an exhibition called  Nect'Art.


Nine artists were invited and given free rein to dress and portray a one-litre bee bottle. 

The nine œuvres will be on display at Maison Guerlain from the 10th of December 2013 until the 14th of February 2014, after which they will be for sale with proceeds
 benefiting an association for young artists.  

We, here at Styling Magazine and Farquhar's furniture live and breathe in the
air of a traditional woodworking workshop daily, 
working with our hands and teaching and training rare skills,
many that have been forgotten and lost over the years. 

 We honour those that inspire and enrich our world.

 The celebration continues... today we take a close look at the nine artists, 
each from very different industries
who have designed unique and beautiful works for this Guerlain exhibition.

A cabinet maker, a glass artist, an embroiderer, a designer/ straw marquetry,
an ornamental gilder, a feather work artist, a wood carver,
a tanner/leather worker and an embossed printer. 

Styling Magazine - December 2013

1. Sylvie Deschamps

 The beautiful work of Artist and specialist in gold thread embroidery, Sylvie Deschamps beautiful golden bees for the 160th Anniversary of the House of Guerlain's Bee Bottle exhibition.

2. Lison de Caunes -  "Le Théâtre " 

Grand-daughter of the Art Deco designer André Groult, Lison de Caunes has reinvented the art of delicate straw marquetry and creates for the exhibition a wonderful bee bottle 
theatre to house the bottle from straw marquetry.

3. Fabrice Gohard, Maître d'Arts-- 
 and his pupil Baptiste Gohard, are a father and son team of ornamental gilders, whose water and oil based gilding ornaments woodcarvings, balconies and railings. The unparalleled skill of their work can be seen on world famous buildings, including the facade of the Château of Versailles, the Dome of the Invalides and the flame of the Statue of Liberty.


4. Ludwig Vogelgesang, 

Maître d'Arts--sgraduated 2010. Ludwig Vogelgesang is a cabinet maker skilled in the restoration of fine Art Deco furniture. His aesthetic sensibility is sought out by well-known decorators, galleries, museums and private collectors.
Ludwig Vogelgesang, cabinet-maker, pays tribute to the 160th anniversary of the Bee bottle with a creation named "Le Présentoir à Secrets". This rosewood and ivory sculpture with intricately carved small bees conceals drawers that might contain hidden treasures... The 
imperial bottle reigns from this majestic throne.

5. Nelly Saunier, 

Maître d'Arts graduated 2008. 
Nelly Saunier works in a once popular area of craftsmanship, featherwork. Her reputation and her skill have led to collaborations with the great names of Parisian couture, whose designs she has decorated and for whom she has created one-off pieces.

6. Etienne Rayssac - Wood carver

Etienne Rayssac, Maître d'Arts graduated 2010. Wood carver and specialist in ornamentation, Etienne Rayssac sketches out an initial design then creates it in plaster before embarking on the final sculpture. He is highly sought after for his overall design conception, in particular for listed buildings and historic monuments.



7. Serge Amoruso 
A leather designer and specialist in rare skins. Trained at  Hermès in traditional leather working techniques, he now designs pieces that are both witty and extraordinary.

8. Glassmaker Emmanuel Barrois
Architectural glassmaker Emmanuel Barrois works on projects of titanic proportions, at the limit of technical possibility. His experiments in using glass in architecture are technically audacious, visionary and futuristic. 

9. Laurent Nogues, 

Maître d'Arts graduated 2011.
Founder of Studio Creanog, Laurent Nogues is the leader in the field of embossed printing, hot marking and inlay techniques on paper. His clientele includes major luxury labels and prestigious institutions. Laurent Nogues celebrates the 160th anniversary of the Bee bottle through an exceptionnal creation, "La Ruche Impériale", is a precious box-shaped compartment, composed of six panels wrapped in white paper, embossed with a detailed honeycomb pattern. #Guerlain68

To read our story and more about the Guerlain  'Bee' Bottle, 
click on the December 2013 Issue.

Styling Magazine - December 2013
160 years ago, Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain created Eau de Cologne Impériale for Her Majesty Empress Eugénie, in a bottle decorated with a myriad of bees, hand-gilded with fine gold. On May the 11th 1853, Guerlain was appointed "Official Purveyor to the Empress" in recognition for Eau de Cologne Impériale, originally made in 1830. Guerlain then commissioned a bottle from the Pochet & du Courval glassworks engraved with the Empress' coat of arms and which had each bee and each scalloped edge hand painted with gold. All perfumes and products ordered by the Empress were delivered bearing her emblem.  

Styling Magazine - December 2013
Styling Magazine - December 2013
Styling Magazine - December 2013

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