Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Christmas Cocktail Party - Dressed in Red

Christmas drinks and special gatherings...  it is the time to get together with those very special
friends that you love so much! It's the time to just catch up or to maybe it's time to just catch your breath. This year has gone way too fast for me... so a girl's gotta do what girls do best... it's time to have a little fun,  it's time to party and celebrate the season and the closing
 of this unusual and interesting year.

Everyone wants to see magnificent gowns and jewels, right?  My style, when I'm not photographing in an open paddock with cows (this week), is to be dressed up ... I love dressing up, I love beautiful clothes and finery. One of my favourite colours I love to wear is red, elegant red, I think it is also such a wonderful colour to wear when entertaining, especially at this time of the year.

I love our rich Australian summer colours mixed with european decorations, chinoiserie, red berries, silk embroidery, red baubles, red cocktails and red gowns.

Valentino's red lattice and scroll detailed gown above is elegant and the inspiration for my party.  If I could, I would make a table cloth from this amazingly beautiful fabric. I would have all the glasses etched the same way and dusted with red glitter and I would send out the invitations to you tucked into fine tissue lined envelopes embossed with this design. The presents and little gifts would be wrapped with red criss-crossed ribbons on white paper and the food would be festive and fresh. 

Flowers and fruit would be delivered straight from the markets to my home. The tables are filled with decorations, the Christmas tree is up, lights on, there are red flowers in the entrance and my family are dressed and ready ... stop stop stop Coty... stop, you're going way too far now. 

 Entertaining should be effortless, but it's not!
There is a lot work behind putting something like this together, so for the moment I will keep it in my mind and my imagination.  The reality is I'm busy working on the deadline of the December Issue for Styling magazine, due next week. We will be celebrating our very first birthday, can you believe it?
Styling Magazine is now one year old, that's nearly thirteen issues published.

Do you remember our first issue? December 2012 Christmas and Celebrations.

 Styling Magazine - First Issue Celebrating Christmas

I would love to have a 'red themed' cocktail party and invite you all to celebrate our 1st birthday, 
but, I think this year it will only be a bottle of bubbly.  

A girl's gotta dream  - Wishing you a wonderful festive season.  

See you next week. Xx Coty

Images from Styling Magazine and... our always inspiring Pinterest images. 

This month Tina of The Enchanted Home chose the topic for our party.

all of our ideas, fancy or casual, outfits & drinks, menu and music.
Visit the party at Marsha's home at Splenderosa by clicking on the party link
 to see what everyone else is doing.
Cheers X  


  1. Drop Dead Gorg10eous. And SO Coty.
    Your montage of red photographs just takes my breath away.
    What an enormous effort you put into this post, and it shows X10.
    Thank you so much, always, for joining our wonderful group of By Invitation Only. We are blessed with the most brilliant, creative and caring women in the blogging world and I appreciate all of you.
    Big congrats on the e-zine !!
    Happy Holidays.

  2. Beautiful as always, Coty...
    CAn't wait to see what your December isuue brings... :) xv

  3. Simply stunning, Coty...you have such STYLE!
    I adore the deep red velvet trouser suit...now, that is my Christmas Day outfit :)
    Wishing you a wonderful festive season too xx

    1. Catherine, you can't have that suit because I want it!! ;)

  4. What amazing images and text Coty ….. the perfect Cocktail Party and the perfect post for our By Invitation subject this month. Red is the true colour of Christmas isn't it ? XXXX

  5. Gorgeous! I would love to attend a red themed cocktail party too...especially if you are creating it. You are truly brilliant. Cheers to the joys of the season!

  6. Your red theme is gorgeous!
    Cheers, xx

  7. Congratulations on your year anniversary for the magazine. I always look forward to your posts - true feasts for the eyes.

  8. Coty, this was so inspiring! I have so much admiration for what you do and was thinking of you last night as I was trying to do a verrrry elaborate setup for photographing my cocktail that just looked ridiculous. I thought "My, this styling business is hard!" and finally just did two simple photos. Hehehe. And simple is great isn't it? Just like your lovely red.
    Bisous from Provence and a Hearty Congratulations on your First Anniversary!

  9. Such beautiful images! Congratulations on a rears worth of magazines.

  10. The most beautiful "post in RED", dear Coty! So enchanting, uplifting and warm! Gorgeous images, really GORGEOUS and so DELIGHTFUL!
    All my best wishes for a lovely Holiday Season,
    Warmest greetings from the Périgord and a big hug,

  11. Such beautiful reds, what a wonderfully Christmassy post!

  12. Hi Coty...OMW...its so beautiful here... I don't want to leave!!!! Love to wear red and have splashes of it all over my house, not only at Christmas. looking forward to the next issue of the magazine. CONGRATS on the one year!!!

    Sending Love and much merriment ....


  13. "just a bottle of bubbly" sounds wonderful…what more does a girl need, really? That, with loved ones, is a party all by itself.

    Red is certainly magical….and I love the notion of your extremely elegant red party…very glamorous…and big congratulations on the First Anniversary - that's also a good excuse for the bottle of bubbly. Wishing you the most delightful red, bubbly, Christmas, Virginia

  14. Dear Coty, it is pure magic and wonderful, as only you could imagine and visually create for us...I wish you all the beauty, joy and love of this very special of holy days, holidays...and may 2014 bring everything that is dear to your heart...N.xo

  15. Dear Coty, it is pure magic and wonderful, as only you could imagine and visually create for us...I wish you all the beauty, joy and love of this very special of holy days, holidays...and may 2014 bring everything that is dear to your heart...N.xo


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