Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Styling Magazine - The Blue Issue

Our most recent issue of Styling magazine celebrates the beautiful colour blue. 
It is the one colour that I am passionate about. 
My bedroom is blue and white and I always feel at peace when
I walk in.  When I was preparing this issue and photographing the 
stories, my eye was drawn to every single blue colour that I passed. 

Above is a gorgeous little painting that I found a couple of years ago.
Below are some of the pages from this issue, the interiors of
Drew Lindsay's home with the little cherub vase and decorator, Susie Anderson's home
with a wonderful little blue patina desk. 

 Wedgwood blue ... have you ever seen such a beautiful blue - we hone in on the heavenly details.
Click to read...  I hope you enjoy ... and thank you... thank you for sharing our magazine. Xx Coty