Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Growing old gracefully - Patina

Artist - Margaret Keelan's little patina style ballet dancers - beautiful!

Each month, I join a fabulous group of women around the globe "By Invitation Only" to join in 
on a blog party hosted by Marsha Harris. We each share and post on one common theme.

This month, our topic is PATINA!

Ageing gracefully -  Patina - the ware and tear of an object, be it a sandstone step,
a part of a wall that has been touched everyday for many years by little hands, or a piece of furniture that has just been left untouched for years that builds
up a patina. I know you know what I mean?

And, the beautiful 'patina' wrinkles that have recently arrived on my hands and face!
They are especially beautiful! x

Artist - Margaret Keelan little baby doll, my flowers against the walls in my studio. 

Patina happens slowly over time from just letting something soften and age naturally in the weather.
In Australia many of our buildings, both in the city and in the country build a beautiful patina as 
  the harsh sun and winter winds dry up the painted timbers, metals and old stonework.

Patina is partially loved by collectors, decorators and designers and of course me!  In our furniture workshop we would never ever remove the natural patina whilst restoring a piece of furniture. It is just like a painting, it is treasured and cared for and it is often the patina that makes the piece valuable to our clients as it holds so many memories.  

Furniture that is worn with age is now so protected ... which is quite ironic really as the patina was originally created from neglect. 

The base of a lovely old fire surround left in the weather - Artist - Margaret Keelan's little girl hold birds.

 Today I am thrilled to share the wonderful work of artist Margaret Keelan, whose doll like figures shown here next to the walls and aged items in my studio in the Southern Highlands.

I couldn't think of anything else but Margaret's work when our subject of PATINA was decided.

Margaret's beautiful PATINA style sculptures are a mix of "Santos" style figures mixed with 19th Century style doll heads, which have been sculptured from clay then glazed, stained, fired, then glazed, stained and fired again to create a wonderful weathered patina look.   Her art is a perfect example of the beauty of patina in every way. The cracked and crazed worn paint, the softened colours, the split wood and the patina dirt that has built up in the little crevasses.
This is definitely patina at it's prettiest!

Artist - Margaret Keelan little girl and the patina walls in my studio.

An old timber toy pram with lovely patina and Artist - Margaret Keelan little girl "Homage to Childhood Dreams" 

Artist - Margaret Keelan's little girl and the walls  in my studio.


 Below... the patina inside and on the outside of the building at my studio in the Southern Highlands
is absolutely fabulous. I love working and photographing in a very old part of my studio upstairs as the walls are old and mottled and the patina is perfect!  

Each section has a different colour, from soft green grey patina through to lovely subtle white greys.  Something that would be almost impossible to re-create and 
time consuming to to paint.  A few visitors have suggested that I paint the walls white!
 I just look and them and smile and think to myself, you have no idea what
beauty lies in these walls.  To me they are a perfect background for my still life photography
and as the light changes throughout the day and the seasons, the walls change too.  You will see
many of my photographs against these walls in Styling Magazine like this little rose petal lady below.

The patina wall in my studio - As seen in Styling Magazine February 2013

The outside of my studio - Patina stone walls

The outside of our studio building, wonderful old patina walls.

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