Thursday, June 13, 2013

Styling Magazine - June 2013 Now on-line ... click to read

Welcome to the June issue of Styling magazine, 
an issue dedicated to flowers and filled with stories on people 
that emerse themselves into the heart of the flower.   
We travel to the home and workplace of Dimitri Weber, 
perfume expert & designer and good friend of Styling contributor, Christiane de Bièvre
then on to Sharon Santoni, from My French Country Home who shares 
with us her friend, Madame de Romilly’s 
Château de Miserey in Normandy. A garden filled with roses 
inspired by hell, purgatory and heaven.  
I know I would like to sit in the heaven part, it’s just beautiful.

 The heart of the magazine is filled with flowers, 
all sorts, all varieties, real and fake, all for you and from my heart. 
Lisa Porter, from The Lisa Porter Collection shares her feelings about gardening 
and links to a special hand picked group of garden gurus. 
I visit the country home of a good friend 
and have tea with her and her hundreds of dolls. 

The rest we have filled with inspiration.  

I thank everyone who has contributed and helped me put this together. 
 I am always amazed at the generosity and the grace that comes through for each issue.

Thank you Sharon, Christiane, Lisa, Lindsay, Bec, Marsha and Thomas.

The stories behind the stories are beautiful and quite emotional and
this will be an issue that I will remember forever!  

I do hope you all enjoy reading our June issue,
and please, please share with your friends and family.     Xx Coty


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  1. Your best issue for me. I kept breathing in the pages! Glorious. Thank you for all your hard work. Linda

  2. *sigh*...wished I had "smell-o-screen!" Luv the photos! franki


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