Monday, April 29, 2013

Styling Magazine - Capturing the Beauty Within

Styling Magazine - December 2012 - Styling Flowers 

Over the weekend we have been reviewing Styling magazine and
planning some lovely new details for the future issues.

As I write often in my opening letters in the magazine, this
magazine has a mind of its own.  I realise that my role is to listen carefully to my inner voice with an open heart and believe that each step that I take and each story that I publish is right!
As I look back over the last five issues of Styling magazine and the last five months putting them together, meeting and working with many creative people, photographing in lovely homes and gardens and writing about creative energy, I believe that I have found the best job for me.

Everything has gone so smoothly so far ...  beautiful stories arrive   
and I am thrilled to share them with you.  
  As I quietly sit here in front of my computer on what is an amazing Autumn day in the Southern Highlands,  working on the next issue of Styling (on-line on the 12th May)
I want to thank each and every one of you that
  have visited, read and shared my magazine. 
Over 115'000 hits have been recorded since I launched Styling in December.
More than I ever imagined!  I did wish for it, but I never thought I would 
gather so many readers in such a short time.

   xx Thank you ... thank you.

 The spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you.
x Coty

Styling Magazine - December 2012 - Gardens in the Southern Highlands of NSW

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