Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Long legs and amazing hips

It's that time again, a monthly blog party hosted by Marsha Harris in the USA
where a group of girls 
from all corners of world get together 
and blog about the subject of the month. 

Our subject this month is to share something we've always wanted to do, 
but have never know, like sky-diving.


  to switch places with someone for a day.


I'm going to have a little bit of fun with this one today ...

I'm also on deadline with the next issue of Styling Magazine
so things have been very busy ...  
this will definitely make me smile for a while
and hopefully make you smile too.

and I'm going to choose the latter 
to switch places with someone for the day.

Move over Barbie 
I coming into your body for the day.

A vintage Barbie of course ... 
she was just that little bit more glamorous 
than the latest girl.  
Remember ... I'm a sixties girl.

 Oh, to have long, long legs ... and a little waist

To look fabulous (again) in a bathing suit!

To have a wardrobe full of fabulous clothes

 and know that what ever you wear ... 
you always look good.

and all those accessories .... long boots ... hats .... scarves

to have unbelievable hips

and to always look perfect in pink ... 
one of my favourite colours

 to have perfect toned long arms for a little summer dress

and to be able to wear any colour and shape

 Make up - lots of beautiful makeup

 to have that sexy messy hair look
(oh to just have my younger natural colour again)

To be able to wear long ... long gloves
and run around all day in high ... high heels.

and to look beautiful from behind.

 I think I would walk around all day long (even to the shops)
in that fabulous black and white bathing suit at the top 
and just show off my legs.
  Why not? It's only for a day. 
Who wants to join me?  What fun it would be.

 Have a wonderful and fun day everyone,

  and ....

Which Barbie did you have when you were little?

All these Vintage Barbie dolls are about to be Auctioned here

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  1. Coty, Coty, Coty. Only you could have styled this and made it fun & elegant, whimsical and pretty.
    Isn't this why you're famous? I thought today that I should have wished to look wonderful in a swim suit again too. I mean we were ALL beautiful when we were young weren't we? Thank you for this! Thank you for stretching and making us smile like little girls again. Please visit everyone else too

    1. Yes we were all beautiful when we were younger, and we are still beautiful now! Just a little different! xxx

  2. How perfectly fabulous your life would be! Nothing to worry about except admiring one's own fabulousness - hehe!

    1. Yes, what a lot of fun a girl can have in just one day! All for fun and good for the soul! x

  3. What a brilliant take on our subject this month Coty ..... I LOVED it. ( being a '60's girl myself !! ) although, I dread telling you this but, I never had a Barbie !! I was never really into dolls and just loved my skates and more sporty things. I loved seeing all of those clothes, many of which I was seen in, in my youth !!!! XXXX

  4. Oh there she is my old Barbie - I had the one with the brunette high pony tail and the swept over fringe in the 60's wearing the blue and green ball gown. I wish I had kept her and all her gorgeous clothes and shoes.

  5. OH how I loved this...I had the third row ,first one,dressed in the long pink satin gown! always loved light pink(still do). You are delightful.


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