Thursday, December 20, 2012

Silver balls ... Mirror Balls ... and Magical balls!

I used over a thousand wonderful silver mirror balls
this year in one of my styling settings and throughout the day and into
the night the garden twinkled with thousands of little specs of reflected light as the
the balls twisted and turned.

It was really quite a magical sight to see.

Silver balls everywhere .. big ones and little ones.
We drilled holes through each ball ..
yes, thousands of holes, and then threaded thick rope 
through the balls and hung them up high in the trees.

 With the help and careful planning of where each ball should go
they were beautifully hung and perfectly spaced.  
Not to high and not to low and not to close to nearest ball and
just the right amount of balls on each tree.

Precision planning by the boys below.
I couldn't have done it without my wonderful team!
Thank you, thank you!  
 xx Coty


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