Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fabulous French Food - Christmas Charity Auction

Just because it's Christmas ...
French Food  

I received an invitation last week to attend Gastronomie Fine Foods Auction No.2 in Paris (which was held yesterday), an auction that I'm sure all the foodies around the world would want to attend, I know I wanted to go, but I wasn't able to book a flight at such late notice... haha  I wish!!
 The auction was held by  T Briest - Poulain - F.Tajan auctioneers.  

Christmas time is the time when we all start thinking about food, run around to all the shops gathering our Christmas Fare and start to preparing our celebrations with our family and loved ones.  It's also a time to treat ourselves to some little luxuries and maybe some beautiful food.    

The best thing about this auction is that the sale of this fine food has gone to charity ... food and products from the best chefs, experts and artisans of the culinary world all assembled together to give!  There was also a Christmas dinner listed at Alain Ducasse restaurant in Monaco.  How wonderful to be able to acquire such delicacies and to know that you're giving to the Red Cross at the same time.  Congratulations must go to author and chef Bruno Verjus for assembling such an amazing selection.  

A beautiful gift to charity at such a special time of the year!

We should do something like this in Australia
or at least here in the Southern Highlands with all our fabulous 
local wines and great restaurants.   I think I might have to organise something. 

French chefs included were Alain Ducasse, Alain Passard, Michel Troisgros, 
Michel Guerard, Rene Redzepi, Pascal Barbot and Michel and Sebastien Bras.