Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Each month I join together with a favourite group of  girls 
in blog-land for a party, a party hosted by Marsha from Splenderosa!  
Before each party a theme is discussed by all and a decision is
made to what we will all talk about. 

and of course because it's Christmas time..... well you guessed it
it all about Christmas 

Marsha said, let's talk about the BEST CHRISTMAS YOU'VE EVER HAD !

Christmas is always such a rush for our little family as we have to
travel for a couple of hours in peak traffic from the country to the city each year. 
It's getting easier now, but when our children were little it was always hard
organising and packing everything into the car 
and leaving the kids presses under the tree.  

In Australia it is the peak of Summer, so it's hot... really hot!  So unless you have a pool in your garden, the beach is where everyone heads.   I would have to say that one of most enjoyable Christmas's ever was a couple of years ago with Andrew's family in Sydney with all our family at a beach house at Pittwater.
It's accessible only by boat, (no cars, no shops) and all three of Andrew's sisters have boats, so that in itself was an amazing and fun way to arrive with Christmas food, wrapped pressies, decorations, bottles of drinks and more.  Everyone was so happy, relaxed and carefree, no shoes are worn as the sand is at the front door, except of course your Christmas sandals with a little bling.  The water is only steps away and
it's quite amazing how instantly you're grounded the minute 
you plant your feet on the beach.

My three sister in-laws are all experts at cooking and baking, so the food is always 
amazing and perfectly executed.   We always have a perfect glazed ham, which is carried off the boat and along the wharf with great care, along with all the deserts.

My sisters create everything from scratch, all the cakes, puddings, dips and sauces are 
all hand made from family recipes, and I'm so sorry, but sadly I cannot share the recipes with you this time as I would be in big trouble with the family. 

   I cook the turkey each year and make some of the salads and dress the table with the
decorations with the help of everyone.  The long table is set up through the middle of the living room right out onto the veranda, all the furniture is moved away for the setting that seats everyone, adults and children!  

I'm not mentioning my brothers much here, but they all contribute to
the lunch in their own way, they are the first to taste the ham to off the bone to see if it's okay for everyone to eat, ha ha  and  they make sure everyone's drinks are flowing whilst
  while we girls prepare everything and play with the kids new toys.
  Our teenage daughters are now starting to take over some of the cooking, 
which is quite wonderful to watch.. and they are all good little cooks too.

It was actually quite funny, this particular year we were all eating lunch when a young couple from Japan arrived off the ferry and came up to the house to see if they could get a table as they actually thought we were a restaurant.  

We celebrate with traditional festive food as well as fabulous Australian seafood,
prawns, lobster and oysters.  It was one of my most favourite Christmas's ever with Andrews family, my family..... all our children love being together,
they spend the entire time on the beach right through till sunset, we chill on the veranda till late and then for the next couple of days everyone just does their own thing, either an afternoon nap if needed, a read of a Christmas magazine or a walk along the beach.  

Or we all squash on the sofas together and just catch up! 
It's very special!

Wishing you all a wonderful festive season...  xx Coty

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see what everyone is sharing 

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  1. Sounds like the best kind of holiday! Everyone comes together & contributes, everyone relaxes and makes memories to last a lifetime.
    I so remember your post last year on this holiday ~ beautifully photographed ~ you took me away from the harsh cold winter here in Kentucky.
    Coty if I can't have snow then please send me some nice warm sand....

  2. I cannot even imagine being at the beach for Christmas, but you have made it sound wonderful, Coty. Our weather in Houston could be like a beach, but we still act as if there is snow all around. I adore this post with the typical of what we always love about you and your amazing talents. Sending love, my bestie....

  3. DearCoty,
    What beautiful memories of Christmas and, of course, so different to a Christmas in England ....... we have woken up to a light dusting of snow this morning which has made everything so Christmassy.
    A perfect post for our BIO subject this month. Enjoy your Christmas preparations. XXXX

  4. Hello Coty! I was looking forward to seeing what you would be doing with this subject and was so delighted that you told such a simple story of family being together and loving it. :) Well, simple with lobsters and ham and turkey of course! For me, this is the essence of what holiday time is all about. I just came back from the States, so it will just be me and my honey for Christmas this year but I have a lot of great memories to tide me over until I see them again!
    Happy Holidays,
    Heather from Lost in Arles

  5. Ahhh Coty it sounds FAB! Just like us the heat is on and sand, sun, sea and savignon is the order of the day!

    Sending tou much Festive Cheer for a wonderful Festive SEason filled with many treasured memeories!




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