Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Inspirational images from my Pinterest boards,
Beautiful colours, beautiful shapes... beautiful creations.

A couple of weeks ago I found two beautiful Korean Hanbok dresses.
They are both in my studio window this week on display. see below,
One is just like the pink dress above and the other a lime green.

They are superb!  
I just wish I had somewhere to wear them! 

Wishing you a wonderful and creative day!

xx Coty 

Even Ganesha is wearing a touch of pink! 
Om Ganesha 

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  1. Hi Coty,
    Love those slippers with the embroidery crossing from one to the other, so pretty

  2. Hi Coty- I always am inspired when I read your blog. Love those gorgeous dresses. Susan@Romancing the Home


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