Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I started blogging five years ago,

I remember searching the net one night and finding this amazingly beautiful
website, I couldn't quite work out at the time what it was.
This website was so different to anything else I had ever seen.
There were comments and lovely notes for this site from people all around the word
and I thought, my, this girl is very popular!

This site was interactive and I was completely mesmerised,
How, what, where ... ... what on earth was a blog???? 

I was hooked and I had to have one too. 
 So I started to explore the World of Blogging, these being the very early days of blogging!

What is a blog? I asked everyone, no one that I knew in Australia had a blog that time,

 Coming from the magazine industry I was also curious as to how
this was going to effect the industry, I talked my poor husbands ears off 
week after week, month after month saying, do you have any idea what this is going to 
do to the industry?  We can all now have our own blog (I saw it as a magazine), 
our own voice and we can do it from our homes anywhere in the world.

The very first blog I ever found was  

in Sweden, it was so beautiful!  I then noticed that this girl had a list of other bloggers on her site, 
there were more, how exciting it was, more blogs, beautiful blogs.. I then travelled from Sweden on my computer to the USA and France and there I found more!   My goodness, I was so impressed.
So... that was it, I became an addict, a blogger addict !
I can still remember tonight the wonderful feeling I had as I arrived on another site, 
it was like opening a treasure chest day after day.

My new beautiful world began, my family and friends 
were very worried about me at the time as I had my head in the computer most days.  
But I was in safe hands, I knew in my heart that
this was the beginning of a beautiful new world. 
 I still say to this day, it's not about the blog, it the people behind the blog.

Just after Christmas 2007 I started my blog....Styling by Coty Farquhar and Styling Gardens

(I'm a Gemini, a twin, so of course I had to have two blogs)

I had a massive amount of material to share on my blog, 
many photographs and stories from lovely homes in the Southern Highlands
and all my styling jobs that I had been quietly working on while my children were little.
I have friends that now have blogs that once questioned me as to why I would waste
 my time with blogging and I had editors from leading magazines calling me at home to enquire into this new world of mine, they too wanted to be a part of it.

 I had been working on my 'Styling" product for years (and years), well before I began blogging.
I had all my designs and layouts on paper stored away in folders in my little office at home, so I had
a lot to share and I now had a new format to use, how exciting it was!
  I started scanning everything, then I spent months
changing all my film to digital, do you remember that time?  

My blog is a blessing, a real blessing. 

 I was about to go completely crazy and most probably would have been locked away somewhere
 if I didn't get my 'Styling" book/magazine out.  

I sat for months and months in that first year wondering if anyone would ever visit me 

 in Australia.  I nervously added new gadgets to my blog each day 
and I remember days when I completely lost my entire blog off the side of the screen,
(They were the pre-template days).   So I had to learn about HTML.

We have all come so far with our blogs from those very early days (which were not that long ago)
 I can still feel the excitement and joy I felt each day as I met and received emails from fabulous people around the world.  I don't get as much time these days to visit many blogs with work, but when I do I love the warm feeling I get as I drop by.  

  I have so many amazing blogger friends around the world,
I have joined some wonderful groups and blog parties over the years which have been such fun!
This post is just that, to celebrate blogging and share some new bloggers with you!
"By invitation Only' a group of fabulous women from around the world who meet up once a month
to all collectively post on the one theme.

I have so many favourite blogs and there are so many new girls/guys arriving that are fabulous!
 We were each asked to introduce someone new. 

So... I am delighted & thrilled to introduce to you today a gorgeous girl with a fabulous blog,
....and those of you that love baking will love this!

Another Australian girl from my home town here 
 in the Southern Highlands of NSW Australia,
a very busy mother of three little boys
and a very creative and clever cake artist.

Alison Lawson
I'm sure you will love her blog!  I do!

Click here to see who everyone is sharing today.


A special """Thank you""" to who ever
 it was that invented the blog!  Thank you! Thank you!


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