Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas Shopping here in Australia or go to Kerry Taylor's next Auction in England? Wishful thinking Coty! .... at least I can just pretend to be there, it is Christmas time after all. Now, what will I choose to wear to the Christmas Ball, Madame Grès, yes, tick, .... and New Year's Eve, well I just can't decide!

Oh so beautiful ... Silk blossoms and roses, 
and four layers of white and yellow chiffon, organza and taffeta.

A Mid 1950's Ball Gown by Madame Grès 
1 Rue de la Paix, Paris

This is the one I would like! ... Isn't she beautiful!
Kerry Taylor - Auctioneer extraordinaire 
who is an expert in sourcing
 the most exquisite gowns and textiles 
is having an Auction in London ..... and I so want to be there.

I just don't understand how she can pass these gowns on,
I would want to keep them all ... and of course... share them with my family and friends.

The Auction - London on the 4th December 2012
Passion for Fashion & Fine Textiles
Who would like to go?

Madame Grès - Such beautiful details, a boned strapless bodice - Images from Kerry Taylor Auctions

  There are so many beautiful textiles going under the hammer as well,
embroidery, crewel work and tapestries. 

Victor Edelstein absolutely fabulous evening pink taffeta cape!  
 This would be fabulous for New Years Eve!
Yves Saint Laurent Violet linen evening gown circa 1968

Amazing colour.....  and did you know, my bedroom was the very same colour in 1968
I had a violet - purple mix bedspread with white linen pillows
and I think I had a purple jute noticeboard, (oh the memories are flooding back)
which was completely covered with
1960's tear sheets from Vogue Australia and Seventeen Magazine.

I loved my bedroom, my Mother was always so fashionable!

Balenciaga, Paris 1950's bolero jacket over a silver/grey couture ball gown.
and .... A very beautiful Balenciaga 1940's beaded Spanish jacket with jet beaded tassels.  

 Now, to end this lovely dream of mine, 

I would like to add this amazing 1940's Balenciaga jet beaded tassel jacket to my 
2012 Christmas 'Wish list'  (can someone please tell Andrew)
Something to wear to work next year.

Wishing you all the most wonderful Creative day,

Inspiration for your Soul
(Feels good doesn't it?)

All images from Kerry Taylor Auctions, London