Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Celebrating the Season of Christmas with Two boys and One Hundred Barbie dolls and a 100 metres of Tinsel.

 Well, I never thought I would do a styling job with
 Barbie.   Not that I have anything against Barbie,
quite the contrary, I love Barbie! 
She is the most famous and fashionable 53 year old girl in the world!

I was asked earlier this year by a store in Bowral if I could do their Christmas Window this year.
A Christmas window for the children and a window to thank their customers.

I recently bought from a doll collector about two hundred Barbie dolls, every stylist needs a Barbie or two ...... or two hundred, right?
  They came as a job lot. and like Toy Story, they just couldn't separate them.

 So ...  there it was, there was my theme, two boys, 100 girls, some silver drums and a touch bling for a Christmas Window in the heart of Bowral!  

Easy and what fun... I will dress up 100 Barbies (everyone loves dressing dolls) in dancing outfits from Ballerinas to Can Can Girls through to 
Angels with wings and have them dancing and celebrating the Season of Christmas.    

The two owners of the store, Guardian Pharmacy, Bong Bong Street, Bowral
 are Pete and Bhish (Ken and Ken).
Anyone that knows Pete (the Ken doll with the glasses) and Bhish (the other Ken doll dancing like Fred Astaire) will smile right now, as they are both gorgeous, smart and super friendly guys
and both very well known in the town of Bowral.  
The girls, (Barbie) well they have the most beautiful girls working for them.  

In my workshop last week (above) dressing the girls in little silver and white dresses, lots of tinsel, little pill box hats, tiny shoes and a lot of bling!    

Below: The long front window at Guardian Pharmacy, Springett's Arcade,  Bong Bong Street, Bowral.

Wishing you all a Creative Day. ...   what ever it is that you're doing, xx Coty


  1. How very creative and clever you are!
    What fun, too ...
    For 25 years I owned shops and loved doing the windows (well, most of the time!)
    The Christmas windows were a lot of work, but especially rewarding - in fact I miss this side of retail.
    So your post brought back some happy memories for me - thank you!

    Joanna Brazier


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