Monday, October 29, 2012

Beautiful, Amazing and Incredible Patterns From our Beautiful Planet

I'm totally obsessed with flowers,
and ...I'm completely obsessed with natural patterns,
They're perfect! 
and ...I would so love to speak their language.

Illustration by
Ernst Heinrich Philipp August Haeckel 
  (February 16, 1834 – August 9, 1919),  
German biologist, naturalist, philosopher, professor and artist.

Sending love to everyone in New York and the surrounding areas
as you prepare for Hurricane Sandy!  Be safe!
x Coty


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  1. Thank goodness for you my dear friend. Not only for your thoughtful & caring ways but also for your positive energy that touches so many of us around the globe. When I want to feel centered and am looking for visual reminders of the natural beauty around us all, I come to you and this beautiful blog of yours called Styling!
    Thank you Coty ~

    XO Lisa

  2. Lisa, I knew you would understand! xxx


Your comments and emails truly make my day a very special one. Thank you for dropping by and visiting me at home in Australia, I read every single comment and I treasure each and every one. xxx Coty