Saturday, May 12, 2012

Not many words from me today, except to say sorry
for being away from here for so long.
No excuses, only work ... work.

I have decided to dedicate my future posts to the wonder of inspiration and what inspires me.

There may not be any words at all from me, sometimes I just struggle with what to say, 
what to put next to my images, well, as they say ..... a picture tells a million words.

 To inspire is a gift and to be inspired is heavenly.

 I am inspired by so many things each day, from you, from my surroundings,  
from images and designs I see on the web and from the people I meet.
I love these red images, so powerful and so beautiful and I hope you do too!

Live from the heart each day and your life will be fabulous!  xxx Coty


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