Thursday, May 17, 2012

In my studio last year 
 I n s p i r a t i o n from the garden again! 
Look at those rain drops on the white camellia...

Look deep into the petals to the different size droplets and you will see such wonderful designs.
Perfect inspiration for a beautiful fabric, fine stationary or packaging, maybe a stage effect 
or the icing effect on a wonderful wedding cake.
All possible ... so beautiful

I know this flower has inspired me ....

I have been making some large decorations for the entrance foyer for the
 'Christmas in July' event 
(soon to be revealed  - when I finish them!!)
complete with different sized bubbles  just like these ones 
or should I say baubles!  Christmas baubles!

Just have a closer look at that little tiny droplet on the top left ... hanging on for its life!
and look at the amazing magical white light inside each droplet.
Truly magnificent!! 

Wishing you a very creative day!  xx Coty


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