Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A garden gives us joy and hope.  Then literally it gives us fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers for our bouquets. We know certain plants will die, others will sleep through the winter and bloom afresh in the spring and summer. We must work to keep gardens beautiful and while we "teach" them discipline, they in turn teach us discipline. 

If we do not tend to our gardens we know they will run wild. 
(Tish Jett for the monthly 'Invitation Only' party)

The theme for this month's party is fantastic... I love it 
...thanks Tish and thanks Marsha for hosting such a great party !

Tending our Gardens ...Gaia....Mother Earth and all her beauty
As I have said many times before, I get most of my inspiration from spending time in the garden.  

 Recently I read that if you put new seeds (vegetable and herbs) into your mouth for a couple
of minutes before planting them they will quite literally gather your DNA and thus
grow perfectly for you and what your body needs.  Isn't that remarkable!
You do need to also nurture them as they grow and they will also hear your voice vibration
and grow especially for you.
I love kissing new little buds, (yes...okay... I hug a trees and kiss little baby buds)  
and I am mesmerised by looking right into the centre of a flowers,

and I especially love hanging around under trees when it's raining watching the drips of water drop through the branches.  
I love gardens so much that did you know that I also have a GARDEN blog.

 Yesterday morning I was folding
the washing off the line and a little moth fell out.... so I brushed it away, sadly it fell
to the floor upside down with a damaged wing...... so I picked it up and put it onto a tree.
A few minutes later I saw it flapping it's wings trying to get out of a spiders web.
Gosh... was that the moths fate...or did I do that?

When a butterfly flaps it's wings........... have you heard the saying?
What have I done?

I really don't mind if a garden runs wild... it can be quite beautiful.
I think we all run a little wild sometimes, it only natural and healthy.

We are very lucky here in the Highlands..we have had so much rain recently (almost all year) that
the surrounding countryside is green, lush and perfect.  And .... I so love the light at this
time of the year (it's Autumn here in Australia).  I try to spend as much time as
I can outside.  I love the movie Pocahontas and the Grandmother Willow tree.
Do you think that the trees can talk like Grandmother Willow?
  I do... they talk to us in a unique and different way.
You just need to stop and listen!  

All these images on this post are my work and my daily life through the seasons.
Photographs from my little cottage garden... 
and some images are from local gardens that I have worked in
 and some from my family and friends gardens.

Wishing you all a wonderful, safe and creative Easter!

xxxxx Coty

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  1. Coty, I think you have an exceptional talent. I am a fairly recent follower here so I'm catching up on your past work which I love. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better you tell us you have another garden blog.I'll never get anything done at this rate:)

    I love the delicate white Nigella, the pale chartruese Hellebore cascading across the shoulder of the stone figure and the dove photo is so romantic.

    I'm off to follow the other blog.


  2. Heavenly Coty... Your images are beautiful... xv

  3. Wow Coty every time I visit your beautiful dot here I am totally enchanted and beguiled by the beauty you create! I did find your gardening blog last time I visited but had problems with the commenting. There is truly nothing more inspirational than the beauty and bounty of our gardens! Tried to follow you on pinterest but somehow I am not having techno luck!!

    Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

  4. Coty, all those white flowers make me so very happy. The Japanese anenomes in particular - one of my favorite kind of flowers.

    Your images are amazing - I respect your talent.

  5. Lovely, charming and simply beautiful, Coty!

    Wonderful images - wonderful post!

    Happy flowering springtime and greetings from the Périgord,

  6. Dear Coty,
    Your images are stunning....my favourite is the arbour of clematis ....the perfect spot to sit at the end of a warm day and contemplate Spring and all it has to offer. Your post is perfect for our BIO subject this month....your garden is perfect too. XXXX

  7. Coty, What a beautiful post. Full of such grand thought and breathtaking images!
    I love the idea of putting a seed into your mouth and it collecting your DNA. Where did you ever hear that. Oh, that it was so!
    I take all of my plants very personally!
    You have given me much to think about and beauty to sigh over!

  8. Your pictures are so beautiful Coty, you and I like just the same sort of gardens

  9. Me again Coty... just to thank you for your lovely supportive comment! And you had me in fits of giggles...guilty girl.... I mean about the hair on legs in Winter!!! Lol! Way to go!


  10. Coty -
    It's been so long since I made a visit here but after getting an email from Marsha then I made quick visit to her blog and thought I had better make the rounds and enjoy the spring beauty!
    I am smitten with just about everything you do! So talented. You no doubt inspire thousands!

    Now, I am off to try to save my garden from the freeze we are expecting tonight!


  11. You are one of the most talented people I know...your styling is awesome and this post is beautiful as always.

  12. Hi Dear Coty
    Happy Happy Easter to you and all your sweet family!!! I hope this weekend brings you rest and relaxation... Seems the weather has turned.. all the better for relaxing yes!!!

    Well as usual I love all that you create.. but that bird shot!!! wow... a new favourite for me!!! I'll be chasing birds with my camera now!! hahahaha

    Have a fabulous weekend and thanks for checking in on me!! ciao xxx Julie


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