Friday, March 2, 2012

Lynwood Farm, Robertson - A beautiful, beautiful home and garden and a special new blog that I know you will love!

One of my lovely, very talented and creative friends 
called me on the phone last week to tell me about her new blog!

I was so excited, as I suggested to her quite a few years ago now 
when I first visited Lynwood Farm that she should have a blog too,
and....I remember her reaction,
"Oh, Coty, I'm too busy with my home and garden to blog" 

She and her husband certainly have been busy, 
They have created together the most amazing garden
and the most beautiful new three story home you could possibly imagine.

 I am thrilled to introduce you all to Lynwood Farm  
and to share this wonderful home and garden with you.

Lynwood Farm at Robertson, The Southern Highlands

(Bumble is a little Shi Tzu dog and is seen above looking out of the window)  

This is a blog you will definitely want to follow!

You see, this has to be one of my favourite homes of all time.
The first time I went to Lynwood Farm I almost died and went to heaven.
I'm not being silly, it's adorable with some of the prettiest rooms you will ever see.

It is, of course my favourite home here in the Southern Highlands
and it's at Robertson, you all know how much I love Robertson and the countryside.

(It is also just around the corner from Fountaindale 
where I am working on my Christmas in July event.)

Just one part of the magnificent garden 

It's just fabulous, isn't it?   I love the colours, the wall papers and all the details.
Every room is warm and inviting and so very comfortable.

The main bedroom and bathroom are the softest blue 
and you know, I don't think I would ever leave this bedroom if I lived here,
and the views from the window... amazing!

Views from the side of the house, 
and yes there is more .... there is also this adorable little cottage, (and a beautiful barn that has been turned into a home for one of the family).

This was the original little home of the property.  And, if you look off into the distance you can just
see the spot where Andrew and I used to live.  
But, I would be very happy to live just right here in this little home.  
Wouldn't you?  

Yes, the kitchen is fabulous, and there are more images on Bumble's blog,

What more can I say..... I think I will just have to leave the rest to Bumble 
to tell you about her very special home. Clever Bumble!

I know you will enjoy visiting this new blog, 
and ......please don't forget to tell Bumble I sent you.


I will be sharing more images of this beautiful home with you soon....
 I will be re-visiting Lynwood Farm in the next month 
to photograph the home and garden in Autumn.

Did I mention that this home is for sale, yes, Bumble's owners want to do it all again,
I told you this was going to be a great blog to follow.  I can't wait to see what they build next.

Wishing you all a wonderful and creative weekend.
xxxx Coty

All images are from' Bumble at Home' blog.  2012