Sunday, March 18, 2012

Look what I found, a beautiful old red canoe.


A few weeks ago I found this fabulous old red canoe, I thought it would make a wonderful
prop for the up and coming 'Christmas in July' event.  It now sits in my studio awaiting a little
restoration.  Then today I came across this beautiful photograph by William Helburn in New York
 in the 1950's, that's my boat! it looks exactly the same as my new/old boat!
What do you think?  Isn't it wonderful!

Wishing you all a very creative weekend.
xx Coty

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  1. What a huge coincidence !
    Now I can see why you want to use it as a Christmas prop, but it would work well for summers too. xx's

  2. What an amazing find. Look forward to seeing what you'll be doing with it for 'Christmas in July'.


  3. I'd say that we all need a red canoe, Christmas or not!
    We look forward to the shot of you in the floaty dress !
    have a great sunday

  4. What an amazing Picture you've made of it!! Thanks for coming by at Villa Extra, I am well but time flies so fast, I cannot keep up with it...It is so nice to hear from you again, and going through your posts it reminds me of us being twins!! hugs, sylvia

  5. I can just see Santa decked out in this canoe! can't wait for July Coty.
    it was so good to catch up with you last week, especially seeing that it was exactly one year since i was the 'new blogger on the block! and you took me under your wing.
    Maybe you should do 'Blogger Work Shops'
    bee xxx


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