Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fruit and flowers, golden Autumn colours and a beautiful home and garden, perfect!!

You may remember this post from last year.... where has the year gone?
 I'm posting it again today... as Easter is right upon us all... Happy Easter everyone! 
I loved working on this story with my good friend
Bee Smith Gilbert (from the blog Bee Bon Belle) in her lovely home and garden 

and right now all our gardens are covered in wonderful Autumn colours.

I thought these images might add some inspiration for all my Aussie friends to not forget
how lucky we are to be surrounded by all these fabulous berries and great coloured fruits
and Autumn flowers, a very easy way to decorate our tables this week.

  I so love Autumn, the light...the sunny and not too hot days.
The boys! are outside right now mowing the lawn....(I love it)  
we can still entertain outside before it gets too cold.   
Tonight should be just perfect,
 it's EARTH HOUR ........ and we can light our candles
and enjoy the clear skies of the South and hopefully see the magnificent Milky Way without everyone's electricity on.

Don't forget to turn off your lights tonight. 
Wishing you a creative week end.

xx Coty


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