Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm hosting a (pretend) dinner party tonight for the Fashion Editors from the Sixties!!

Come and travel back in time with me to what I imagine would be the
most amazing dinner party that I could possibly ever host.  

It's set in the Sixties, when glamour and parties where truly a fashionable and stylish celebration.  

My guests.....oh...my gosh!!
 Nine of most creative, flamboyant, stylish and influential 
people from the magazine world of the 1950's and 1960's.
I know!! can you just imagine!!

As most of you know, I too was with magazines for many years, it was glamorous, it was exciting
and I was surrounded every day by creative and inspiring people.

But, as a young girl growing up in the sixties, (I'm sure like many of you)
 I was drawn to the brilliant and superb 
photography and illustrations of my Mother's fashion magazines,
many of which I still have. 


My dinner guests for this fabulous event are the editors and the people that worked with them
 from the most stylish magazines of the World from the sixties 
 Some are well known, some you may have never heard of,  they are the people behind the great covers and beautiful advertising that we all know and love.  They are the people that styled and created the most beautiful settings using, what I believe, the most simple and clever props and backdrops ever.  They have been copied time after time, they're work is used constantly for reference by the young magazine editors and designers of today........... it's unbelievably beautiful!  I can't get enough of it either, I love looking at these old covers, the ads and the editorials inside. 

 It was a graceful and elegant time and I would have loved to have been a part of it.

So, as I can only dream, 
tonight, I am joining a group of girls around the world 
for the monthly blog party "By Invitation Only" at Splenderosa blog.

This is to be 'my' special dinner......

My Special Guests........... all women and just one man!

1. Jessica Daves, Editor of Vogue U.S.A.  1952-1963

2. Edna Woolman Chase  Editor of Vogue 1951

3. Diana Vreeland  Editor of Vogue 1963 - 1971

4. Audrey Withers  Editor of Vogue UK 1940 - 1961 

5.  Ailsa Garland Editor of Vogue UK - 1961 - 1965  

6.  Edmonde Charles-Roux - Elle Magazine and Vogue, France 1954 - 1966
The daughter of the French Ambassador,  
She left Vogue Paris in 1966, as a result of a conflict for wanting
to place a black woman on the cover of the magazine.

7. Rene Gruau - Artist extraordinaire - Oh how I would have loved to have worked with Rene!

8. Sheila Scotter, The first Australian Vogue Editor
Sheila's name was ingrained into me as a young girl at Vogue.

9   Enid Haupt, Editor of 'Seventeen' Magazine in the 1960's 
 (Thank you to Evelyn for knowing her name)
I loved Seventeen Magazine and all the colourful editorials!

and of course 
10.   Little ol.. me,  ....with my note pad, camera and the biggest smile 
you can imagine on my face and in my heart.
 (Sorry, I can't include my hubby in this dinner party!! .... It's strictly business!!)

These table settings are all set and styled by me over the past years 
and I have added the magnificent images from the sixties magazines.  

The location of my party doesn't really matter, it's the conversation throughout the night that interests me.  

Yes, it will be glamorous, yes, they will all be perfectly dressed I'm sure in beautiful gowns, 

The flower arrangements will be amazing and the champagne will be flowing all night long, 
and I'm sure they will all be smoking (It was the thing to do!)
and Nat King Cole music will fill the air.

I know they will be sketching ideas on their napkins and planning
their next fashion stories.  Models will be discussed and who's who in photography.
This is a table full of very talented and creative people.

Everything will be inspected, touched and talked about, so, I will bring out all the goodies, that's pretty normal for editors, they are doing their research for the magazine, and dinner parties are the best place to find out what's new!

Where did you get this Coty???  
Who made this?  Who is the artist?  What is the fabric, Who is the designer?
New names will be discussed, Mary Quant, Givenchy, Courreges, Pucci, Paco Rabanne, 
Oscar and Bill Blass.

 I know what I will be dreaming of tonight,
would you like to be with us at this party?
Sweet dreams and wishing you all a wonderful and creative week. xx Coty

Below:  An illustration by my guest Rene Gruau at my dinner party (shhhhhh it's just a dream)
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