Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vintage French Fabrics with a Touch of Red

European Antique Vintage textiles, hand woven grain sacks, homespun line thistle cloth and hemp rolls, French ticking French fabric, French textiles, linen and hemp mangle cloths and more..

I have been looking for a few samples and a little inspiration 
for one of my Styling designs
and early last year I came across a fabulous lady selling amazing Vintage European fabrics
whilst I was out and about sourcing some upholstery fabric for a client's chair.

I pop over to her often to see what she has....  and it's always a treat!

Would you like her address?

I tell you....It's a bit like giving away my Grandmother's secret recipe, 
I love most of her stock and she always has surprises.

 I just LOVE the faded red AND the vintage grain sacks,
I love the stripes and the plaids, the red hand-stitched monograms,
 the linen and hemp colours.

Yes.... it's just a positively perfect mix.

Antique Vintage European Textiles 
The Textile Trunk
Please, don't forget to mention my name when you meet her.

 European Antique vintage textiles hand woven grain sacks homespun line thistle cloth and hemp rolls french ticking french fabric french textiles linen hemp mangle cloths 

Wishing you all a very creative week   xx Coty


  1. My biggest weakness are textiles, especially red and white ones. Does she also have a inner-net site?
    Chris :o)

  2. Thank you. Red is my fav colour right now and her textures are just delicious. You are such a sweetie for sharing. xxx

  3. Hello Coty
    Me too! The problem with me is that I buy the fabric then find I can't cut it into anything!! so it gets folded up wrapped in a ribbon and put to live with all my other pieces of fabric, but one day I'm going to do it! lamp shades cushions curtains etc.

  4. Hi Coty, hope you are feeling so much better. We had an amazing visit to the Southern Highlands. Scenery was magical. Would love to stay a whole week next time. off to check out the fabrics! Fiona

  5. Magic. I want to touch eash and every beautiful piece!
    Sharing as it's Valentines Day.
    Sending X's and O's to you and Bec!
    Love, Lisa

  6. Coty, I had not thought about LoodyLady for awhile. I purchased the most fabulous vintage French king size bed sheet from her with my monogram on it. Price was very reasonable. I love and cherish it.

  7. Thank you for sharing this link, Coty. These pieces are stunning.


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