Monday, January 16, 2012

Pen and Ink - Monkeys and birds! Beautiful..........

Just beautiful!! 
Pen and Ink drawing by Emma Pfeiffer

Artwork by 18 year old Australian girl...Emma Pfeiffer 

Inspired by a photograph of Emma's Grandmother and also the fabulous 1960's wallpaper in the family country home, where this will now hang.    

  Emma, who we have known since she was a little girl, a little girl who loved being surrounded by her animals, dogs, rabbits, horses and more (and I think she still does).  Recently, Emma casually walked into the room with her father where I was reading a book in their country home carrying her school artwork which was rolled up and tied with ribbon.  Her dad said, Coty...would you like to see Emma's
 school artwork?   As soon as it was opened and laid out on the floor I also fell to the floor on my knees in awe.  
Oh my Gooooooooodness, Emma!!

 This is special... I had no idea you could draw like this!

I love the details of the flowers and nuts and I love the way the monkey is teasing the bird and the brave way Emma has drawn right over the top of her Grandmother face.  Which reminds of a wonderful french mask.  

This was Emma's artwork for her final school year.  
Yes, she is only 18 years old 
and about to travel and explore the world. 

 But before she goes!
I have my order in ..... a portrait or..maybe two, one of Thomas and one of Bec as children to which Emma will draw from my old photographs. 

and for me.... 
 maybe something romantic.... a beautiful deer 
with a few amazing looking birds with long feathers sitting in the antlers?  

What do you think?  anything is possible!
Isn't that a nice thought!

Emma and her older sister Harriet are both incredibly creative,
they're planning many wonderful changes for their family home.
Both keen restorers and decorators... and.... at such a young age.
I suggested to Emma recently, after seeing this drawing,  that 
she paint or draw a wonderful scene on the walls of one of the upstairs bedrooms at their beautiful country home. 
Who needs 'French toile' wallpaper when you're this clever.

Emma Pfeiffer above,

Please email me  if you would like to contact Emma for private or corporate commissions.
I would be absolutely delighted to pass on your details to her.  
She is also about to travel to the USA and stay for a couple of months.
Do you need a beautiful painted wall in your home?
or a wonderful illustration for your business?

Wishing you all a wonderful and creative week ahead,
xx Coty