Saturday, January 7, 2012

The magnificent hydrangeas at Fountaindale Grand Manor
Today I was photographing more 'Christmas in July' images inside the Manor
but I was drawn out into the garden.....

From the front gate and all through the beautiful old gardens
 the hydrangeas are in full bloom right now.
I was completely overwhelmed at the sheer size and colours of these beauties
and they where everywhere.  
It must be that wonderful Robertson soil!
or is it the mist?
I just had to share them with you...... xx Coty

Images - Coty Farquhar January 2012
Fountaindale Grand Manor, Robertson - Christmas in July 2012 
The Southern Highlands of NSW Australia


  1. Those are stunning...whatever the reason!! what a beautiful place to read, write, meditate, even do a photoshoot...I can see a table set or a young girl frolicking in the mist amongst those flowers

    they certainly don't grow like that here in Illinois -

    blessings to you Coty for the new bring such beauty to the world!

    Anne Marie

  2. Che spettacolo....
    Bellissime queste foto!!

  3. Just love blue hydrangeas.

    Have this hydrangea cupcake tutorial in my "one day when I get the time I want to try this" file.

    Victoria x

  4. I love Hydrangeas. What a beautiful garden with so many different ones. Your photos of them are just fabulous.
    Summer for Swede

  5. Your hydrangea are gorgeous.

    - The Tablescaper

  6. Dear Coty,
    I am in hydrengea heaven with this gorgeous post! Also the photo of the evergreens. My goodness they are lush!
    Ahhh I'm so glad it's not terribly hot yet. You must have loved that photoshoot. Thank you for sharing them with us!
    xo Lisa


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