Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Christmas Gown - Red, Romantic and a little bit Regal!!

Some Enchanted Evening.....

To dress for a Christmas party here in Australia is easy as it's Summer and often very hot!!
But today is a little different, I have been invited to a Winter Christmas Party in the USA,
(Well, it's a Pretend Christmas Splenderosa Style 'blog' Party)

A beautiful formal Christmas Party with a very special group of girls !
To be held at Tina's home from the blog The Enchanted Home 

The question, what would you wear Coty if you attended a glamorous
Christmas Eve party and what would you bring as a gift for the host?

I would be dressed in Red....
Red, of course, I absolutely love red at the moment!! 
Little slippers (from Paris) adorned with jewels,
A full length taffeta heavily embroidered skirt. 
A beautiful long coat just like
this one above handmade by Mariano Fortuny's, it's hand painted paper of course!
and lots of perfect little coloured jewels, fake or real,
I don't mind, as long as they're rich in colour!!

and my gift to Tina, our host ........ a miniture Icon - Mother of God
perfect for Christmas and perfect for her beautiful home.


Christmas in Australia is in the middle of Summer and 
it's very hot and so we often eat outdoors, swim all day 
and enjoy wonderful seafood and salads.
Recently I was asked to design a four week event ...
'Christmas in July' in the Southern Highlands,
It will be held next year in July 2012 so that we can too celebrate a cold winter's Christmas here in Australia with hot puddings, traditional cooked turkey and more, 
whilst (hopefully) looking out to a snow covered countryside.

Click on the pictures below (that I have put together) and have a little look see at Fountaindale Grand Manor in Robertson,  a beautiful old historic building
where I will be spending much of the next seven months preparing for this event.
Meet the Creative Director!! Yes, me!! 
 You're all invited, there will be a Christmas Ball, Vintage exhibitions,
shopping, dining, entertainment and so much more.......
It's a good thing I love Christmas so much!!

and also..........
This Friday night, the 9th of December, I am giving a special presentation at the fabulous 
Emporium and Antique Market, 
I will have a few Christmas displays set up, 
some tablesetting ideas and a few other fun Christmassy things to show.
Please come along if you're in Bowral, it should be fun!
All proceeds go to 'The Black Dog Institute' 
xxxx Coty 


  1. I knew I would gasp with delight when I saw what you created...and I did. The stylist in you shows everywhere, and it is lovely, Coty. The depth of your constructions and presentations is so very unusual these days, and I so appreciate it. This is one of the most opulent outfits I've ever seen and I love it. Thank you for playing along with us...you've made this day so much more special. And, isn't Tina's home beautiful...thank you, Tina, for a wonderful evening ! Merry Christmas to everyone....

  2. Your lovely images are always a delight! I can't imagine what Chirstmas must be like in the middle of summer.....somehow "Frosty the Snowman" and Santa's sleigh wouldn't seem the same.

  3. Wonderful post with the most beautiful images!

    "Cool" wishes for a lovely, summery pre-Christmas time.

    Cheers, Coty!

    Greetings from the Périgord,

  4. Amazing Coty... and your event next year will be stupendous... I just know... xv

  5. Hello! I am one of the 'BIO girls' and I popped in to say hi and look at your gorgeous outfit.
    What rich, lavish and stunning garments you have chosen. Loving the slippers too.

    How fun that you're hosting the Christmas in July show. I always found it so hard to muster up the true Xmas feelings when I lived in Australia (12 years). Now that I am back in Sweden I find myself missing the hot weather and bright season. There is something so wonderful about a Sydney Christmas - fresh seafood and all! :)

    Warm regards
    Space for Inspiration

  6. I agree with every word from Marsha. You are amazing. Your choices are absolutely fabulous! Mona

  7. I knew it! I just knew this would be a feast for the eyes!
    My dear Coty, I do believe you have officially put me in the Christmas spirit!
    I cannot imagine anything more magical than attending an event such as the one you will create and a Christmas Ball in the Highlands, oh my!
    Thank you my friend for this treasure of a post and for the invitation.
    My love to Bec too. Hope she is enjoying every minute of her holiday.
    xoxoxo Lisa

  8. Oh Coty - how wonderful. With you doing it - PERFECT!! I can just imagine a Christmas in July in Robertson. My heart is already there - and my body will be in July too. Slowly making my way there...will be back in Aus in March for a few months. Can't wait! Your Christmas outfit for the USA is beautiful too. Sharyn xxx


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