Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Today I'm joining a wonderful group of women around the world for the launch of a new blog party hosted by Marsha Harris from Splenderosa. We were all given a quote by William Henry Channing (1810-1884) and asked to each create our post in our own way. It's such a wonderful quote it will be fascinating to see what everyone does.

To be connected is to be a part of something wonderful,
to be part of a group, 
to be a part of a family, your own family or a soul family,
is to be loved.

But, the most important thing I know is
 to be loved...... you must love yourself,
 without that you cannot love anybody.

Love is in all of us, it is what we are made up of,
without it we wilt.
Let it flow, give it away everyday,
build a ring of love around yourself and walk in it where ever you go,
it will flow into everyone you pass by and it will fill a room when you enter.
The more love you give the more you get,
Ten times more comes back to you.

We all share our blogs, our thoughts and our emotions with each other,
some days wondering who it is that visits.
It doesn't matter who they are,
what matters is that we are all connecting our lives together.
Thank goodness for the Internet as it has brought so many together.

Thank you Marsha for bringing us all together today, when I received your
email and the quote, I thought, yes! that's me, I think like that, well I like to think I live like that.  I do try!!
I listen to the birds and the little ones talk, I believe that the wealthiest people
in this world are the ones that have love and give love.
I try to live quietly, to share my work, to give help when needed.
and not to want or wish for more than I need. 

  I meditate each day, I pray, I teach, I share,
I try to heal and offer help where I can
 and I love to smile and I love to get smiles back.

Ever since I was a little girl I have known that I was different,
 It's taken most of my life to understand why,
now I know why,
My children have taught me,
The new children in our world are so wise,
so blessed and filled with light.
 I have learnt more from them
than anyone.
Listen to them, they speak from their heart,
that's the only way they know.

I'm sorry,  this is a particularly long post and thank you for reading down this far.
I'm proud and honoured to be a part of this new group.
Namaste xx Coty

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 'By Invitation Only"

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My inspiration for this post today came from the work of photographer Baron

I dedicate this post to Baron and his wonderful work.
I have always been inspired by his images.  I have treasured for many years three of his books covering his work from 1935 to 1950.  He photographed
every famous ballerina and dancer there was at that time.
Margot Fonteyn, Alicia Markova and Rene Jeanmaire just to name a few.
Baron was born in 1906 and took up photography when he was 29 in Monte Carlo.
What a wonderful time he must have had surrounded by such creative people and dancers.


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  1. Beautiful in every way Coty.....xv

  2. Exquisite...what a fabulous post and interpretation Coty...I meditate each day too...yoga is a very big part of my life...I practice every day and like you I smile :)
    I've really enjoyed reading your post...the images you have chosen are wonderful.
    Have a great day.

  3. What an wonderful post darling Coty! Fantastic text and you've chosen just the right images! Your own text brought tears in my eyes. You're truly something! So proud to be your friend Coty! Thanks for brightening my spirit! All my love to you, you sweetest most talented woman! Minna xoxoxoxoox

  4. Impressing!

    Thank you!

    ♥ Franka

  5. Coty, This was an amazing post. Your images captured Channings words perfectly and your own words captured my heart. Looking forward to knowing you better. Have an awesome day. Mona

  6. How lovely Coty! What a beautiful pictorial view of this quote.

  7. Hi Coty. Those images are sublime. I can see why you choose them for the poem. I adore your inspirational writing and love the way the internet and blogging have connected our lives to so many wonderful people to gain sinspiratin from such as yourself. Thank you for that!


  8. beautiful post Coty, great pictures, wonderful text

  9. Coty - Quite beautiful. It's as though the dancers are performing to the music of the quotation.

  10. My dear Coty,
    This is so beautiful, quiet, elegant and spirited, just like you.
    What a wonderful invitation and I'm so glad that Marsha included you. It's the way you do everything Coty, with such style!

  11. Coty, You not only have a way with photography, but a way just a beautiful with your words.
    So aptly and wonderfully spoken!

    I am taken with the artistic way you interpreted Channing words. The words have movement and wing just like the images. What a perfect pairing!
    So inspiring! Keep living your beautiful life!

  12. Coty, you did the best job on the assignment of all the bloggers. I knew you would do something wonderful as you never disappoint. You are so talented. I can't wait to see your first book!
    Summer for Swede

  13. Oh Coty,
    How beautiful ...... those images really sum up Channing's words and show us that life is not all about materialistic things.
    I am one of the ' By Invitation Only' gang and it's a pleasure to part of it with you. XXXX

  14. Wonderful pictures, lovely words, beautiful post!
    Greetings from the Périgord, Southwest France,

  15. Simply splendid, Coty. Exactly like you. Sending love from the wild Alaskan coastline where the internet connection is spotty...thank you thank you thank you...

  16. Coty is a very special person, if she comes into your life, you are blessed.
    bee x

  17. Dear Coty, your beautiful words have left me speechless. I aspire to be more centered every day, and your beautiful sentiments help me to see more clearly.This post is one I shall be referring too often. Thank you, Nella xo


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