Thursday, September 15, 2011

A special Spring table setting for an exciting new website - Inforum Group, Sydney, Created by two clever friends of mine, Jenny Garber and Fiona Coogan

About a month ago my beautiful friend Jenny Garber called me 
to tell me about an exciting new business, Inforum Group, she and Fiona Coogan (below)
where about to launch in Spring.  I have known both Jenny and Fiona for over
25 years, Jenny and I worked together at Vogue and Fiona and I have
interlinked with our careers over the years as well.
INFORUM group is a company providing a forum concept to educate, enlighten and expand the knowledge of women in the workplace with a range of captivating speakers who will inspire, entertain and fulfil many of the personal and professional areas of interest in women.

I was absolutely delighted when Jenny asked if I could
be a part of the launch of their new site with a special spring setting.

From Inforum........Best of the Best link....
Coty Farquhar is a Creative Director, Photographic Stylist and Author of the incredibly beautiful blog
We asked Coty for her inspiration for a Spring table setting and luckily this was just as the blossom trees were in full bloom near her home in the Southern Highlands. Coty says:
‘Flowers and table settings are my absolute passion and living in the Southern Highlands of NSW for the last twenty years I think I know just about every single flowering tree here.
It’s just like a wonderful fashion parade right now as Spring has arrived with all the grand ‘old’ ladies (trees) bursting with blooms. Our gardens, parks and countryside are blooming with the most wonderful colours and flowers after many months of rain. I can honestly say I love nearly every single flower there is and to work with them as a stylist is a blessing. Lucky are those that celebrate their birthdays at this time of the year as setting a table under or near a blossoming tree is amazing. Seize the moment, set the table and bring out all your lovely pieces, fill everything with cuttings of blossom, sprinkle the petals over the table, gather your loved ones and breathe in the sweet smelling perfumed air under an old blossom tree.
Bon appétit, Coty’

I styled this setting for Inforum, a relaxing table for two under this wonderful tree at my parents home in Moss Vale.   I'm photographing this afternoon in a wonderful old garden in Burradoo here in the Southern Highlands where the Crab apple trees are bursting.  
I wish that you where all with me on what is a fantastic warm Spring day.
The beautiful frosted glass above with the blossom was a gift from my 
amazingly talented friend Minna at Blomsterverkstad in Sweden.
Minna came to our home for lunch a couple of years ago when she was visiting Australia.

Welcome to everyone visiting from Table scape Thursday in the USA. and Pink Saturday with Beverly
I can't wait to see all your Autumn settings over there, 
Spring here, Autumn there - My two very favourite seasons.
Wishing everyone a wonderful day,   Namaste,  xx Coty

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  1. Coty, this is just absolutely fabulous as always. Stunning is not a great enough word to describe your work. You are the world's best.

  2. Those blossoms are just magnificent. Beautiful new business advertising, so elegant. How fun for everyone involved. Glad you were able to catch the blossoms so perfectly for the tablesetting.

  3. Coty, Your gorgeous photos and styling are so beautiful. I love the flowers and the table set beneath them. How romantic and fun that must be to sit and eat out there. Thanks so much for sharing.. xo marlis

  4. So beautiful and romantic. Just whisks you away.

    - The Tablescaper

  5. Thank you Swede, Jacqueline and Marlis for dropping by and leaving such beautiful comments. I love getting your notes.

    ...and thank you to Miss Anonymous, below for this wonderful comment. I will think of you today as I'm photographing. Everyone expresses beauty in different ways. xx

    Anonymous said...
    I am so amazed at your creativity and the beauty of your work. I never email comments, but I use your pages to inspire me each day with the simplicity and complexity of your work. Both styles are inspirational and unique beyond anything I have seen in years. What a gift and blessing you are to those of us who follow you. Thank you for sharing with those of us who struggle to express the beauty we see in our lives. You make it come alive for all of us. Namasta!

  6. Thank you for sharing with us. Your post is beautiful as always, what a romantic spot. You make us feel as if we were right there. hugs ~lynne~

  7. Spring MAGIC!!!! This was a fantastic and fantastical setting! You created the perfect spring setting--glorious!


  8. Hi Coty. the blossom are heavenly and the table looks so very romantic. Wishing your friends all the best with their new venture. wonderful to see all this talent and such an inspiration to me!


  9. Your location for this tablescape is stunning. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi Coty
    These blossoms and your shots are something else!! so beautiful.. I haven't had a chance to see spring yet and looking forward to it.. I must check out the INFORUM site too..

    I met 2 girls from the US when I was cruising the mediterranean [like how I popped that in? haha] who were public speakers geared to informing and encouraging women in business. in fact they were interested in speaking in Australia.. must dig out their emails...

    OK.. catch you soon.. ciao xxxx Julie [thanks for the lovely comment my way]

  11. How lovely it is to see and enjoy your spring as we head into fall.

  12. Beautiful Thanks for sharing.

  13. The photos are fabulous - Happy PS!

  14. Happy Pink Saturday, Coty. I am so glad you joined us this week.

    Congratulations to your friends on their new venture. I wish them joy and success.

    Your photos are exquisite. No one can surpass your talent for capturing beauty.


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