Friday, September 2, 2011

A Flower a Day

This beautiful white Camellia is from a grand old tree in Bowral, the perfect Chanel flower.

Here we go! It is now the second day of Spring and it's so exciting. 
As we wave good bye to a very long, cold and wet winter. 
A winter that has seen too many sick days for my friends and family
with far too many visits to the hospital, it's time to spring into some fresh new things.

I'm really looking forward to a new start.
I'm still working away on photography and books,
but, I have been reviewing many things in my life recently
 and I am looking forward to a wonderful 'big' Spring clean.
A Spring clean of my 'life'

Sometimes you just have to let go.
Let go of personal possessions,
relationships and things that
no longer have a purpose in your world. 
So, I say!!  Let go and get going!!
I am also giving myself a bit of a challenge,
Which actually started yesterday.
Everyone needs a challenge!
Since I live in a world surrounded by flowers.
I have decided to post 

'A Flower a Day'
and what better time to start than Spring

I received this comment a couple of years ago

I wanted to thank you soooo much, everyday no matter how stressful and fast my life may be (working realtor, mother of three, etc...)
I open your blog and reaches my soul...


If my work can touch your soul, then 'my' soul is full.

I'm not a writer and I'm always at a loss for words when I post,
but I have thousands of images that I would love to share.
Some days there will be no words.
Other days, maybe just a thought, a quote or something that may inspire you.

 I hope you visit me and also share ' A Flower a Day'  with those you love. 

Some of my flower shots you may have seen before over the years,
most will be new and I will still be posting my usual stories along the way.

Wishing you all a wonderful day,
Namaste, Coty