Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yellows, golds & oranges, love... love.. love

This week has been such a rush for me....I'm still rushing around!!
So my (so called) planned week and posts have gone straight out the door!

so......I stopped..took a breath....and this shot of the 'little bumble bees' in the fruit 
came up on my screen
 and it made me smile.
This was one of my favourite table settings, it's fresh, it's fun and
I have some very happy memories when I look at it.
So I decided to post a few of my bright tablesettings on what
is a very gloomy cold wet winter's day here in the Southern Highlands, Australia.

Happy Table scape Thursday Everyone...
xxx Coty

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  1. I'm still so hot and swetting from my spinning classes and I saw that delicious lemonade in that pretty pitcher, that was it! All your other posts are so pretty. I love the one with the chinese boys figurines, lovely! and the china that matches is so pretty too. I'm also at TT, BNOTP. Lots of hugs. FABBY

  2. Just beautiful. I do love your post gorgeous settings and pictures.

  3. Coty, all of your photos so very lovely. I look at the limes in those glasses and can just feel how cooling that beverage would be going down! The pond is a lovely melange of colors.. So very beautiful, like a coffee table book! many blessing, marlis

  4. Food photography is so're a master of the art! Cherry Kay

  5. Delicious, beautiful and so inviting! Gorgeous colours Coty.


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