Thursday, June 16, 2011

Food Styling with French wine, baked ham and cheese.......


Hi Everyone,  What a couple of weeks I have had....(I will explain below)

I really hope you don't mind, but I am re-posting a favourite table setting today for
Susan's party at TT today.

This is a post that I did a couple of years ago, a food styling and tablesetting job for
one of my clients.  It was a two day shoot on a lovely property in Canyonleigh
and whilst the chef prepared the food I created the settings.  From memory I think we did six different settings from breakfast to Dinners.  I love this one because of the lovely reflection on the glass with the water behind.  It was at the end of the day when the light was just beautiful.  I also have a passion for beautiful decanters and bottles, I have hundreds of decanters and bottles in my collection.  I also love the bottles of French wine,
I have some very old bottles of wine that have only ever been used as props....... 
but after the last couple of weeks I think I might just open one tomight. 

The last four weeks,
My Mother has been in hospital
My Father is forgetting things!!
One of my brothers was taken to hospital the day
my Mother came home, he is still there and I am
about to go in a see him now.
I have been almost living at the hospital
I haven't been able to open my studio for over a week, so I haven't
done any work. hmmmmmmm

I have often wondered what will happen when my parents are too old to look after themselves,
Well.....that time has arrived!

Sending love to you all,
xxxxx Coty


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  1. Coty, I know how you feel. Only you could come up with this perfection of a post when having all the familial problems. Hug your brother & parents for me...tell them someone in Texas has just sent over all her angels to hover around them. Love you....

  2. Oh, I am SO SORRY to hear of all the illness in your family/all the time you've had to spend at the hospital! I"m sending prayers/happy & positive thoughts your way!

    I'm glad you reposted this, though, as it's fabulous as always! I love the fountain!

    And, yes, pull out those great old bottles of French wine and imbibe. After the weeks you've had, you deserve it!

    Lana In Italy

  3. I know what you mean about when going through a season when you feel like you live in the hospital. It sounds like you have it on many fronts.

    Your table pictures are just stunning.

  4. Your posts are all amazing, glad you re-posted, as I missed it the first time. I need to go back and visit your previous posts. Sorry to hear about your family. I have been where you are, I took care of my mother for years after my dad died, and she refused to go into a home. It's very hard, both emotionally and physically, so make sure you take some time for yourself, if you can. Your tables are all so stunning, you are truly gifted! Thanks for sharing! Good luck--prayers and positive thoughts coming your way!

  5. Coty, I pray for healing for all. And patience and stamina for you. It's hard when the child becomes the parent, my prayers and thoughts are with you. Your photo shoot is so beautiful. Love the coffee pot - wow it's a beauty. The scrolls on the table are perfectly holding up the food. blessings, marlis

  6. Dearest Coty --
    This is a heartbreaking time of life. I will pray for your family and for wisdom to deal with the situation. Your loveliness and creativity have given me great joy and entertainment. Thanks for the post. I would never mind another look at your work.
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  7. So beautiful. so sorry to hear of your recnt troubles.

    - The Tablescaper

  8. Lovely table setting, Coty. Hope your family are on the improve. A very testing time for you at the moment.


  9. Oh, your work is stunning! Hang in there, someone once said to me it's the seasons we have to go through!
    Strength to you.
    Shel from South Africa

  10. Went through the exact thing this time last year, 2 months of hospital visits everyday so i know how stressful it can be for you. My Dad is better than ever now so hoping the same for your family members. Make sure you rest a bit to keep up your strength and if you need a day with no visits then take it, it does help. will keep you in my prayers. XO

  11. Thank you ...thank you from CotyFriday, June 17, 2011

    Thank you, thank you for your beautiful comments, wishes and prayers. I feel so blessed to know that such wonderful, caring friends come to my blog.

    I knew this day would come, but I didn't realise how difficult it was going to be. It sounds like so many of you have all ready been through this with your families.

    I must say that the support and comments from all of you really lifted my spirits yesterday.

    Sending love,hugs and xxxxx

  12. Hello my lovely friend, I peeped through the window on my return from my Dad's place,lights are on no one's home!
    On a positive note, how lucky are you Coty? to have such a close and loving family at times like these.
    Thank you for inspiring my day!
    Bee x

  13. I am so sorry to hear about the rough time you are going through!
    I pray that you all will find peace and comfort and healing!

    I sent you a friend request on FB. I'll send you my address then.
    I am thrilled to be the winner of any of those gorgeous earrings! But I love the pearls the very best! I did not know that I had won. I must have missed Susan's post. I feel a little guilty being so happy, when I know you are hurting. My heart goes out to you. Please take your time to get them out to me!
    Thanks you!
    Blessings to all,

  14. Coty,
    Love you repost, do remember that you must take time for yourself as you need all your strength. Sometime we think it will not end but were never present with anymore than we can handle. I am also one who has been in your place with family. You and your family are in our prayers. You also might notice we have the same last.

    Cathy Farquhar

  15. I do hope all your family will be home real soon and all well. My Dad has dementia and is now in a home. Its awful and there is nothing we can do to relieve their anxiety. Hope your Dad doesnt go that way. Love the pics. Such lovely styling ideas. Fiona

  16. You have,indeed, had your challenges. Learning to deal with aging parents is something none of us is prepared for. It's like having children all over again, but the experience is without the same joy though there is some reward. Don't miss the special moments. Setting a lovely table is a nice diversion.


Your comments and emails truly make my day a very special one. Thank you for dropping by and visiting me at home in Australia, I read every single comment and I treasure each and every one. xxx Coty