Thursday, June 30, 2011

Food Styling and Vogue Entertaining Guide Magazine

Recently, I have had quite a number of young girls coming into my studio and shop to talk
about styling.  I have always thought it would be a wonderful thing to
have a styling school.  But, I think I just have too much already on my 'to do' list for the next ten or
so years.  Styling is really a wonderful career and I was very lucky to be introduced to Styling at
such a young age through my art.  When people ask me what sort of stylist I am, it's very hard to answer.  I am a Interiors Stylist, a Food Stylist, a Wedding Stylist, an Event Stylist, a Flower Stylist,
a Stylist for Children products and a Fashion, Lifestyle and  Beauty Stylist me ...they're really all the same. 
They each have different elements to work with!  Food... interiors....
But, the most important thing for me is to create a perfect visual impact,
whether is it live or on film/digital.


Here are just a few of my Food Styling pics and pages from Vogue Entertaining Guide Magazine when I was Associate Editor in the eighties, yes the eighties....I have been styling for a long time.
I produced these stories with the help of a few amazing chefs (including Serge Dansereau from The Bathers' Pavilion, Balmoral Beach in Sydney) and some other good friends and cooks 
that opened the doors of their private homes for me.  I do recommend to anyone
who is interested in photography, food and styling to look into this as a career.
It's very rewarding and you meet and work with such wonderful, creative people. 

Most of the stories for Vogue Entertaining were planned,   
Which plate? which basket?.... and the setting?
Should we set a morning shot, a lunch shot or an evening shot?
and looking back over these images,
I noticed there is an awful lot of brie cheese!!
What was I to do with the brie?

It was obviously a pretty popular cheese to have in the eighties. I scooped and mixed it with fruit,  I opened the top skin of the brie, yes... something different! and it was also sliced side ways and layered with large homemade biscuits and fresh fruit. 
(As seen above top
That's what's fun about Food Styling, you can create all sorts of wonderful things...
and don't forget the styling of the table setting, you know now much I love table settings.

I love all the colours of the food and ingredients in these images,
it's nice to look back over twenty or so years to see it again.  I have always loved cooking and
with two brothers who are chefs we have a lot of fun at our family gatherings.  I will dig out the
cook books that I styled and share some of my food days with you in my future posts and if you would
like the recipes for any of these..please let me know or Email me

Hmmmm....Now what shall we have for dinner tonight?
the tempura fish does look nice.
It's 6.30pm, I'm still at work,
and it's cold and wet outside,
I now have to go to the shops on the way home to get some food.
Oh I wish I lived near Balmoral Beach!

Wishing you a wonderful and fun filled week.
xxxx Namaste xxx Coty

All images produced and styled by Coty Farquhar, (Vogue Entertaining Guide Magazine, Australia)
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  1. Coty, your are a stylist extraordinaire. Your compositions are magical, inspiring, and absolutely stunning. thanks for sharing all this with us. Great post!
    many, blessings, marlis

  2. You are very talented Coty - your work has a certain quality that is delicate and strong all at the same time (does that make sense. Lovely to look at.
    Thanks for sharing the memories with us.

  3. Hi Coty, The wonderful thing about your styling is it's timeless. Often I look at older magazines and cookbooks and think they're extremely dated but looking at these images they could have been taken yesterday not many years ago as they were. A feast for my eyes yet again! Sarah

  4. hi Coty, Your styling talents are obvious in all you do. I've enjoyed touring your lovely images since discovering your blog. I'm amazed at the beauty you capture be it photography or working with floral arranging and styling. I enjoy photography as a hobby, I know very little about it but I know enough to realize the photos in this post are amazing and how much work went into styling these shots.
    Loved viewing your work from Vogue.

    The French Hutch

  5. What a feast for the eye. Love the post and it just shows that beauty is timeless...


  6. Coty, this is a great post, with such beautiful styling only you can create, I am in awe, everytime I see you beauties, say, tables, flowers, styling, just awesome creations! Beauty is timeless, alright. Thanking you for always sharing this inspiring creations by Coty for us to inspire ourselves. Lots of hugs, FABBY

  7. I never tire from looking at your blog. You are really an inspiration.

  8. You are one in a million! I just get so inspired by your posts. I am so blessed to have a blogger friend like you. Thank you for sharing.
    Blessings My Friend,

  9. Gorgeous, everything here is gorgeous. I am a new follower.

  10. Coty, your eye for perfect composition always amazes me. And, you can cook? Now, really...this is just too much to bear, my lovely friend. You do do everything, don't you. Sending love...


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