Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beautiful inspiration, amazing patterns

Something gorgeous, something amazing and positively beautiful......
I have been working on a design recently in my studio
and I want to share a little bit of where my inspiration has come from....
When I create and style I am often inspired from just being immersed in the the surroundings that I am in. 
 If I need to think, design or clear my head I jump in the car and in a three minute drive from my home or studio I am surrounded by wonderful countryside.  With my drawing book and
a few good pencils always on the ready I quickly capture on paper the many ideas that usually start flooding in.
 But,.... there are other times when something catches my eye and it speaks to my heart......
 All of these beautiful things did!!

At the very top, a Russian Icon with gilded silver and gilt ...and adorned
  with seed pearls and jewels.
and below the Icon a beautiful caterpillar.
Look at the details, the beauty and the exquisite workmanship of this little caterpillar.  The wonderful mix of stones, colours and shapes.

Crafted in 1820 by Henri Maillardet, this most amazing bejeweled Ethiopian Caterpillar made with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and turquoise was recently auctioned by Sothebys.
and more.....above..
Lovely Guerlain bottles,
...beautiful iron work 

and amazing patterns in a field left from our space friends.

Mother Mary & Baby Jesus...and some hand beading..

Can you guess what I am creating?
 (a couple of huge backdrops for my studio....)
If you look closely at everything you will see all the different patterns,
Yes!! I was inspired by the patterns.....and also the colours...simple and stunning

Be Inspired, have fun!! and create, create, create...
xxx Coty

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