Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

A Great Big Thank you from Me to You!
to all my Darling and Special Friends!!
These flowers are for you...

Thank you each and everyone for always filling my day with such wonderfulness & blessings
Thank you for your beautiful comments
and thank you for sharing me with your friends on your blogs,

Thank you for dropping by to visit me... both
here on my blog and at my studio. 

(and a special thank you to Deborah Locke for coming
all the way down from Queensland to visit!  it was so nice to meet you last week.) 

 To all my friend's who generously let me into their lives and homes to photograph

To those that always leave comments on my blog and notes under my door, 
please know that I am filled with love every time I read them

To old John, who sweeps the front step of the my studio every single day...

and to Kevin and Paul, the hairdressers next door to my studio who keep a look out for me
 and always know whether I'm in or out  ......it's the little things....

and to each and every person that reads my blog,
I'm so happy to share my day with you.

Namaste    xxxx Coty