Thursday, May 26, 2011

Country Auctions in the Southern Highlands - Dirty Jane's Emporium and Reviva - the Resource Recovery Centre

There have been some great country auctions on here
in the Southern Highlands in the past month.  Dirty Jane's Emporium in Bowral
had one a couple of weeks ago and there
is one on this Saturday 28th May at the Resource Recovery Centre in Moss Vale.
Otherwise known as Reviva (the tip).  I'm constantly surprised as to what people throw out.

We have one of the best resource centres in Australia right here in the Southern Highlands,
If you're an artist or a collector of lovely old things, or if you're building or restoring a home this
place has everything.  You need to pop in often (I do) to see what has just arrived as of course all the very special things go quickly.  There are many Antique dealers and very stylish people wandering through with their baskets of goodies.  I take a shopping trolley from the front door and usually have it filled when I check out with fabrics, china, vintage wares and more.    It just keeps coming.... local business give left over stock to the centre, builders restoring old homes often deliver doors, windows and anything that can have another life.

 Everyone in the Southern Highlands takes their unwanted pieces to the centre rather than dumping them in the big pit, which I think is fabulous,  absolutely fabulous for our planet.   Each year the R.R..C otherwise known as Riviva holds an auction for some of the more special and interesting pieces that come in through the year.  I popped out there yesterday to have a look and I will go again tomorrow as all the boxes of china, silverware and treasures will come out. 
Come and have a look if you're nearby....happy bidding.  


Dirty Jane's Emporium holds an Auction every two months in the back courtyard of their 
store, there is no reserve and anyone can bring their gear to sell.  Below are some shots of 
the last Auction at Dirty Janes and there was some great items available to bid on.    

 Rustic and wonderful old weathered pieces, just perfect for all my styling
 Gorgeous old chairs, canisters, old bottles and worn boxes, Why do I love old boxes so much?
You must let your imagination run wild when your viewing an auction, think outside the square as to what you could do with some of these fabulous things in your home.  I know what I would do with all of them, as the old saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure.
For more details on the Auctions click below

Auction: Saturday 28th May 2011
R.R.C. - Reviva,
117 Berrima Road, Moss Vale, Southern Highlands of N.S.W.

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