Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Southern Highlands Autumn - A snippet of what I have been photographing and styling over the last couple of weeks


As I have mentioned over the last couple of weeks
I have been out and about almost every single day photographing and styling for my book and blog.
 Here are a few snippets of some of the lovely homes and gardens
that I have been photographing and some special people that I have been working with.

The beautiful house and garden above is the home of my 'new' friend Bee Smith Gilbert and her family.   Bee, who is also a stylist and blogger came into my studio last year when I first opened and we talked for hours (still do most days).  A couple of weeks ago Bee dropped in again and she was talking about her selection of jams 'Bee Bon Belle' that she makes and sells at her shop at Dirty Janes in Bowral and she said that she was about to pick some quinces .  Well...that was it!!  the beginning a beautiful friendship.  I said, Bee...let's do a shoot and I'll photograph you and your quince jelly - from the tree to the table.  When I arrived at her home to pick her up, I drove into her amazing old property and I said, forget the quinces today, I think I need to photograph your home and garden.  

The light was amazing as it flooded in through the french doors into her living room on a beautiful, beautiful Autumn morning.   There's more to come...Bee and I will be setting up a wonderful table setting next week and shooting it on her patio under her Japanese Maple tree, it's just about to change colour.

Bee's blog - "Bee Bon Belle"

A couple of days later we finally went off together to a gorgeous old farm in Berrima (above and below) to pick the quinces and to my delight the farm was gorgeous, old slab buildings, stone walls, lovely old trees and it also needed to be photographed.   Look at the all the wind flowers in front of the house and the colours of Autumn.  I have so much more to show you over the next couple of weeks on this property. 

  As well as the quinces I have been photographing and working with so many of our Autumn fruits and berries, so much so that when I came into my studio yesterday I had a fruit bug breakout.  I have been picking and styling still lifes with these beautiful fruits that I completely forgot to check them.  Every thing's fine now...

Last week I had a call from another friend, Real Estate agent Judy Fisk who called to say, Coty, come and have a look at a property that I have for sale in Robertson, it's just Divine and the view is breathtaking.  The owners of this home have lived here for over thirty years and it's hidden down a country lane on the edge of the town with views from the top of the Southern Highlands escarpment to the Coast.   I will share this story with you next week, it's fantastic!  The topiary garden is so pretty and there is a croquet lawn as well....The owner is an artist and what a wonderful place this is to create and paint.

Then one afternoon a couple of weeks ago I photographed a small home
filled to brim with old wares and antiques
It's a stylists dream cottage......anything and everything you could possibly imagine is in this home,
 He is the one that the dealers drive to the Southern Highlands to buy their wares from.

 More to come soon on this home soon..............

Then back at my studio I have been working on some Autumn still life shots. 
It really is a magical time to collect things from the garden.  I have boxes of pines, baskets of leaves, sticks, raffia, feathers and more. 

It's a wonderful world that we live in........Mother Earth is an amazing

  A very big warm welcome to you who may be visiting me for the first time
Decorating Forum in Perth, Australia
are featuring me and my blog on the forum all week
Thank you....thank you

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter
  and have a lovely time with your friends and family
Please drive carefully on this holiday weekend.

xx Coty
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