Monday, April 25, 2011

Something Beautiful to Watch - Duhmhara - Spirtual Awakening of the Senses

In the wee hours of this morning while everyone slept, I was wide awake with my laptop in bed
searching the Web for answers of some things that I had on my mind. 
 It was quiet, peaceful and I was enjoying having some time to think.
 For quite a while now I have been meditating and thinking a lot about how important
it is to live more in the heart and not in the ego (head).
  What does that mean? 
We all need to listen more to our inner voice each day,
listen to what our heart really feels
and learn to make our decisions more and more from the heart.

Is it my age or is it the times we live in?

 I came directly to this web page, I was amazed at all the beauty that was captured of 
 Mother Earth, the animals and the wonderful photography and models.
No words, just music,
My questions were answered as I watched nearly all of his videos,
and I so I want to share the work of this wonderful soul with you today. 

Her name is Duhmhara
She is from Greece, and she's 35 years old
and her work is amazing - click on the YouTube link at the bottom of this post.
I wish I knew more about this clever and creative woman. 

Duhmhara - There is always a new Beginning

Click on the link below to watch

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