Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thank goodness for little girl's tea parties.........

Welcome to the world of little girls,
and....No!!....I haven't had a baby,
Creating a setting for a celebration with family and friends 
for a little girl is one of the most wonderful things an (old) girl like me can do.  

I get to play with dolls, doll houses 
and pretty little 'pink' things.
and of of my favourite past times..
create a table setting.

We have a little preschool is our street 
and last week all the little tiny tots 
arrived dressed as fairies, 
imagine this.... little two year olds wearing feathered wings carrying little backpacks to pre-school. 
 Oh how I wanted to go inside with my camera 
when all these little angels arrived.  

Can you just imagine their little faces!!

  David Austin pink roses and delicate little Cecil Brunner roses, you really must have a look up close 
at these little beauties next time you're near them. 
 Sugared sweets, baby dolls and white linen,

All set on a wide country veranda, 
with plenty of room for all the little ones, 
mums, grandmothers, aunts and friends to play.

Tablescape Thursday  and .... Pink Saturday
Wishing you all a very
Happy Saint Patrick's Day

a little
more pink and beauty... 
for the young girl at heart

Viktor & Rolf

"We want to celebrate life as the world of your
dreams.  Our message is aimed at everybody who 
is attracted by this dream world.  We believe in 
ambivalence, in glamour, in hope and in beauty".

One of my very favourite, beautifully styled websites............
full of beauty and 'pure' imagination
Victor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren  


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