Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Close to my heart - A book capturing Country Living

I have met many stylists over the years, many are my good friends.... and although we 
never work together on the same jobs I know we all think very much alike. 
We love the same things, our homes are similar and we are definitely mad collectors. 
My beautiful friend, editor, writer and stylist, Fifi O'Neil has just recently launched her new book, Romantic Prairie Style. 
Fifi wrote to me a couple of years ago to introduce herself and talk about our work.  I think it was in her second letter that she finished with a note saying "there is always a bed in my home for you Coty when you visit the U.S."   and that pretty well sums up this French darling, a warm, caring, creative and welcoming lady 
with a heart filled to the brim with love for everyone and her animals.

There is nothing more wonderful than opening a book or a blog that is filled
with a images of the country.  I have always been drawn to the country and to beautiful things and my love of flowers and handmade fineries and Fifi's book has pages and pages of gorgeousness. 

Fifi O'Neill grew up in Paris, France. Fifi has produced numerous features on home decorating, food, and gardening for American and European magazines, such as Coastal Living, Country Living (USA), Casa Romantica, Casa Antichi (Italy), and many more. Though she now lives in Florida and her work takes her from coast to coast and across Europe, her heart belongs to the prairie with its enduring aura of romance and nostalgia, its enduring connection between people and places, and its gentle yet resilient spirit.

Fifi's book is filled with romantic images photographed by Mark Lohman and the book is published by Ryland, Peters and Small and available online through Cico Books.

and Fifi Blog........A beautiful blog to follow


All images are from Fifi's book Romantic Prairie Style


  1. I am so looking forward to getting Fifi's book! You highlighted so many wonderful pages. What a treat!


  2. Oh this looks like such a beautiful book ... will have to keep an eye out if it is available in Australia. Will be heading to your neck of the woods soon Coty - be around Moss Vale on 10, 11, 12 April - will the shop be open on any of those days? Best wishes Vicki

  3. Fifi was born to create gorgeous images for us to enjoy. She and Mark Lohman make a marvelous team.
    Hope your having a good week,

  4. The salad fresh from the garden will go to a good home! a sip of wine, a jar of compote for your home!!! no....... but there will always be a 'next time' bee x

  5. Hi Coty! How are you?? Fifi just sent me an email telling me who you did a post on the book...

    so nice of you to do that - she has a terrific eye for details...and I agree with everything you said about was a priviledge to be in that book - but to meet her has meant even more

    Hope you are well!!
    Anne Marie

  6. Every time I see the promo's for this book it just makes me want one. Luscious!! Thanks for sharing such lovely images.

  7. Hello from Chicago,
    my humble kitchen boasts that that little bundle of twine on an old porch post ... meeting this lady and Mark was a week I will never forget.
    Fifi emailed all of us to let us know that YOU knew!

    thanks a million.

    I've sold 53 copies just from my sidebar!
    it's a best seller, to be sure


  9. Her book is amazing !!! i received her book last week,since then I have not put it down. She is the sweetest woman i have ever met!!! P.s Your blog is amazing...just found you

  10. I love Fifi's book too and Mark Lohman's photography takes one's breath away.

    Beautiful post about a beautiful woman, inside and out, that's Fifi!

  11. Oh wow! How lucky am I this morning? I just discovered your beautiful blog and I only just ordered Fifi's new book a couple of days ago. Can't wait to get it. x

  12. I was googling and I accidentally clicked on the picture with the horse that lead me to your blog. Funny thing is that it is for the book Romantic Prairie Style, and I was at the moment ordering the book on Amazon. I can't wait to get it and read. Beautiful pictures.


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