Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Black & White - My Studio Window today

Black & White

My Window dressing this week in my Studio
The two sides of me........
one dramatic the other Serene
(did I ever mention that I was a Gemini)

This little girl mannequin below is dressed in a Christmas Tree, yes, that's right,
can you see the black tinsel....and some black feathers.
I love to use anything...... the dressmaker mannequin with the black gown is dressed in black plastic weed matting, it is fabulous stuff!!



  1. A Christmas tree...amazing. You come up with the most original ideas! I love it!


  2. Dear Coty, Your shopwindow looks beautiful! I love to read all of your posts, I'm a regular visitor of your blog. You are a very gifted and inspiring woman. Thank you for letting us join in :-)
    Love, Hanneke (The Netherlands)


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