Thursday, March 31, 2011

Autumn in the Highlands means one thing......... Colour... beautiful Autumn colours

The Rich Colours of Autumn

It seems that every day at the moment I'm outside on a photo shoot,  it's Autumn here in Australia and especially here in the Southern Highlands.
The trees are changing colour, yellows, oranges, lime greens and dark reds.

The sunlight at this time of the year is magic...just magic..
  Yesterday I was photographing quinces...story to come soon.....and a home with an incredible collection of everything you can imagine.
Last week I shot Lotus flowers and water lillies.
On the weekend, crabapples, berries and apples.  Look at these little crabapple beauties, they're the size of grapes. Today I'm off to photograph yellow pumpkins for the Garden book I'm working on, Oh.. I wish I could share some of my images with you,'s not finished yet! only two more seasons to go!

 I found these two sweet little oriental figurine vases when I first moved to the Highlands,
I love them, I love the colours and their little 'French style' clown faces.  I don't know who made them, if anyone knows please..... I would love to find out more about them.

The little fruit in the vase above reminds of a clown holding a bunch of balloons.

 One of my favourite tea settings, which I used in my styled photographs many times is this wonderful 1950's celedon green setting, it's just the perfect colour to use with all these autumn tones, glass flowers, citrus teas, ginger jars and Andrew's mother's English teapot.  All the colours are rich and beautiful. 


Who needs flowers when you have these wonderful little fruits on your table.
Have a wonderful day everyone.... thanks for dropping by.
 xx Coty

Did you see Susan's beautiful camellias on her table last week
 It's Tablescape Thursday again today.. drop over and visit my friends. 


and window this week (below) I also had a bit of an oriental style,
What do you think?
It's definately turning heads...

I'm going to change it today....I'm putting my wedding dress in the window
Andrew and I just celebrated our 20 year anniversary
The very scary thing is that I was looking at the waistline of my wedding dress this morning while ironing it,
and.....well you know the rest.  hmmmmmm ... 


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