Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mother Earth - Inspiration can come from almost anywhere. The Australian outback, old and rustic objects, sticks and the colour of our red dirt. Look at these fabulous reds and burnt oranges, some great inspiration for creating a tablesetting.

When putting a setting together something triggers a thought of what to do, why? I'm not sure! I'm inspired by something that I may have seen that day, or a wonderful setting somewhere on my travels throughout the seasons.  Today I was inspired by all the wonderful colours from our Australian Outback, we are famous for our red dirt and a year ago our family went for a outback camping trip to the centre of Australia covering thousands of miles. Of course we started at Uluru and camped over night nearby.

The colours where breathtaking!

I remember when I was working in the City as a young girl and I would drive over the Harbour Bridge on a Monday morning after being out in the country for a weekend party.  My car would be totally covered in red dirt.  I thought it was such a cool look........ but after a couple of days, when strangers would write on my car with their fingers saying, 'wash me'  then it was uncool. 

I know this sounds silly, but, I love to match my settings with the right looking bread, whether it be a Aussie damper, fine little rolls or this fabulous poppy seed tank loaf.  It all adds to the character of the table. 
Bakeries and bread shops can be so inspiring.

and you know me....I always need a little bit of glamour, Gruau's illustration of the waterlily for Christian Dior.  Great colours next to the the sunrise at Uluru. 

My sister's collection of fabulous rustic copper pots and moulds,
Can you imagine what can be done with all these.

Andrew above, collecting wood for the fire as we traveled on these amazing red dirt roads.  Waffles for breakfast with maple syrup, more fabulous colours. 
 and below under the cool shade of a huge gum tree, Andrew and I rest a little.

...and at the end of the day
everyone needs a little bit of elegance at the table no matter where you are.
Happy Tablescape Thursday, Thanks for dropping by and visiting me, have a great day everyone.
xx Coty

p.s.  Here are a few of my old stories from Vogue Entertaining Guide that I just quickly dug out, look at this fabulous homemade damper on the old country stove, and a few other pages of my "rustic style" styling. 



  1. Gorgeous inspiration photos. What beautiful scenery. We have places that look just like that in Southern Utah. My mother grew up in the red rock canyons in Southern Utah.

    The waffles look fabulous. I will have to come visit there one day - on my list of "to dos".

  2. You are truly a talented designer when you can take inspiration from "dirt"! However, I agree that the red dirt of your country is beautiful and I loved seeing all the coordinating pics you have associated with it. I like that you like to have your bread "match" your settings, wonderful!


  3. Such gorgeous scenery and that table with the melon is such a perfect companion.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. Looking at your pix Coty makes my heart shout, "BRING ME THERE". Sweden this past 3 months is absolutely freezing. It's -17 below degrees and it might be up till -20 or -22 with almost 30 decimeter snow. How cool or NOOOOT...

    I missed Australia. I always peep in here looking and day dreaming while browsing your posts. I remember sitting in Bondi beach while waiting for the sunset. Oh happy days.

    Happy w/end to you & your fam.


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