Friday, February 11, 2011

Falling in love with white, romance and all things beautiful

Summer gives us permission to be more romantic than we would otherwise be, 
is it the warm evenings, the soft fabrics, the gentle breeze or the beautiful roses in everyone's garden 
There is so much beauty everywhere

Stop and have a little look each day, I do!
it keeps me going and it keeps me balanced
Look at these amazing little angels flying around, wouldn't it be wonderful to have wings!

The funniest story:  As I drove home at twilight two nights ago there were hundreds of these wonderful white cockatoos munching away on the grass seeds on one of our large sport fields here in the Southern Highlands, so I quickly turned in to see if I could capture them with my camera.  Imagine this:  Here I was running all around this oval chasing these birds and waving them into the sky whilst on the other two ovals right next door where all these "men" playing football.  I'm sure they were all saying, look at that silly old woman over there, what the heck is she doing.  

Wishing you all a very happy weekend

xx Coty

Images:  Styled and photographed by Coty Farquhar  -  Illustrations: Vintage Chanel and Caron


A Live Broadcast with Little Grandmother (Kiesha Crowther)

Healing with Earth Energy
Saturday February 19 at 10am Mountain Standard Time

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  1. Every single photograph is simply stunning!

  2. I love that photo Coty - it was worth the effort. Those beautiful birds remind me of my childhood on the farm. They may have thought you were crazy - but crazy opens new windows to the world. Thank you

  3. Fabulous Coty! Every mnage is a delight!

    Do come and enter my amazing giveaway from Splenderosa!

    Art by Karena

  4. I would have been you running after the birds too. When something is so magical you just need to capture it. Fiona

  5. Where on earth have I been and how on earth did I miss this post???
    Two of my favorite, actually three of my favorite things!
    The pure beauty of white, healing prayers, and the beautiful you.
    Going for a listen now!
    xoxo Lisa


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