Thursday, February 24, 2011

As Summer ends next week - We say goodbye to our beautiful Summer greens for another year

As many of you in the United States and Europe head into the warmer seasons of the year,
we here in the Australia are heading towards Autumn. 
As you may know, I'm out photographing gardens
and homes most days and I am especially noticing the changes
in our wonderful shady trees that are changing right now.
I am actually going up in a cherry picker (a huge crane)
this afternoon to take some long distance and high shots
and I'm feeling a little nervous as I don't like heights. 
Wish me luck, I hope I don't shake too much with the camera.

So I decided this morning that I would celebrate the
 wonderful colour green,
ever changing green gardens, fabulous green glassware and china,
 green vintage paintings, green interiors,
and just the sheer inspiration
that we get from the colour green.

Happy Tablescape Thursday, thanks for dropping by and I wish you all a wonderful day,
xx Coty

and below ......a sneak peak at my setting for next week,
I finished it last night at sunset,
I wanted to do it today, but I still have some editing to do,
please drop back, it's very romantic and I'm sure you will love it.


and a little more green.........
one of my very favourite clients to have worked with over the years 
and such an incredible company
Hermes Paris
Just look at these fabulous green ads, wow...isn't it wonderful what green can do!